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When I get sent a new band’s first full length I get very excited. And when I find out they mix death metal influences like Obituary & Grave with the 90’s hardcore style of Next Step Up I get VERY excited.

Birthed in Sacramento (USA) Extinguish is one of the newer bands that mix the downtempo doomy style of old school death metal & hard edge of metallic hardcore.  What Extinguish does is tiptoe the tight rope & are able to stand upright and not fall too far in either category which shows throughout the other 6 tracks.

The opening track “Final Sin” is a barrage of pissed-off angst, chugging guitar & tribal drums. Reminding me of the unstoppable force that is Nails.  The band are able to focus all aggression into a track that is one of the best opening tracks I’ve heard recently & will make you stand up and take notice. Track two “Unconquered” shows that hardcore side of the band more. Think a mix of Terror & Downpresser, still heavy breakdowns but that fast hardcore pace that Extinguish is able to blend so seamlessly with the breakdowns and more “death metal” sections. “Illusion Of Power” the third track is my favourite, featuring the great hardcore staple of gang vocals, great sing-along vocals hooks & the bounce you get with a great solid hardcore song & the best thing Extinguish shows is they know how long to ride on a groove without it getting boring. You can tell they know their hardcore well & have been able to write a select amount tracks that all hold up very well.

Now for “Blood Runs Cold” a track which is short but is breakdown central & satisfied that mosher spirit inside me. “Only Silence” reaches back into that straight-up hardcore sound but is the better track on the record. The capping of the tracks is “The Judge” which I feel has the most “thrash” influence, still sprinkled throughout the track is the ass beater parts that have shined on the album but this last track brings all the influences together to a great end & finishes of the track with a breakdown that will make you jump out of whatever chair you are in and throw something across the room, IT’S THAT GOOD!

Extinguish is a pure delight to listen to. Even though their influences lean heavily into older bands & are creating music that is popular right now they are able to create a great set of songs that stand out from the herd.

Joseph Mitchell

Extinguish is out via Creator-Destructor Records on April 23rd 2021

1.Extinguish – Final Sin


3.Illusion of Power

4.Blood Runs Cold

5.Only Silence

6.The Judge

Line Up:

Eric Anderson – Drums

Damian Grellus – Guitar

Gedily Santa Elena – Guitar

Jose Bermudez – Bass

Ian Bouchard – Vocals

Extinguish will see release on vinyl and digital via Creator-Destructor Records on April 23rd.


Eric Anderson – drums

Damian Grellus – guitar

Gedily Santa Elena – guitar

Jose Bermudez – bass

Ian Bouchard – vocals








Extinguish // Extinguish // Album Review
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