Explore Culture of Celebrity and Hero Worship through Orchestral indie Pop Band The Brilliance ‘s New Video

The orchestral indie-pop duo, The Brilliance, drop their video, “Facebook,” ahead of their sophomore album Suite No. 2: World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety, due out January 10th, 2020.

 “A message of doubt – that allows The Brilliance to push itself into a new stratosphere of genre-bending. It’s a song that could easily be played to the acid trip crowds at Bonnaroo, yet it contains the vastness, the grandeur of musicians who have played under stained glass, to audiences whose hands yearn to raise.” (Audiofemme

“The grit and grime of the world, soaks in through the beautifully laid out instruments of ‘Facebook’, with equal part civility and contempt for lying still. In a harrowing life, the song is inspired by the current world in its technology and knowledge. And within that context of tandem ignorance, our brittle emotions suffocate with, pre-determined servitude and loyalty to the shortness of time and space.” (Come Here Floyd)

The Brilliance’s acoustic-electric, symphonic-pop songs invite you to step outside yourself; to see the world through the eyes of the other, the stranger, and those you may consider your enemy. The band is comprised of songwriter David Gungor and composer John Arndt, who crafted the new “suite” in collaboration with Biola University Orchestra and Chorus.

Recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Chill Hits as well as several other Spotify editorial playlists, The Brilliance gets 600k+ Spotify listeners per month — and their first album, The Dreamer Suite has already amassed millions of streams on both Spotify and Apple Music, as an independent release. The Brilliance are creating what they call “art that inspires empathy”, releasing their songs in a series of “suites” – songs and pieces united by a theme – that invite others to listen with them. 

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The first suite, released in November 2018, was the Dreamer Suite, based around the stories of DACA Dreamers – children of undocumented immigrants who, by a change in legislation, are facing an uncertain future. The Brilliance partnered with World Relief in their initiative to raise awareness for the DACA dreamers. Additionally, they have performed for the MET’s Charity Water Gala, and globally at festivals in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Israel and Palestine.

Their second suite, World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety, asks the question, “Is this the end of the world?” So many are asking the question every day, believing it to be the end of the world, each for different reasons and in different ways. But hasn’t every generation asked that question? And how do we engage with others in the midst of these fears and concerns? The World Keeps Spinning Suite invites the listener into these questions, and to listen to the voices of one another in the midst of it. 

World Keeps Spinning is a concept album that explores the root causes of modern anxiety and searches for ways to cope in the face of existential dread. Featuring full orchestra and choir, the album has a sprawling, eclectic sound, with wide-ranging sonic influences from Bach and Stravinsky to Jon Brion and The Beatles. The Brilliance take the listener on a beautiful, all-encompassing emotional journey toward the discovery of our need for each other. 

Beginning their journey as childhood friends in Wisconsin, the two create together from a distance – between Minneapolis and New York, frequently featuring guests from cellists to singers to rappers to full orchestras. While their sound and stylistic influences are varied, they are using the word “Suites” to point to denote a Classical level of scale and intention. 

“Here, we are introduced to The Brilliance’s knack for sweeping, orchestral melodies… ‘World Keeps Spinning’ is a great showing of the band’s big sound and strong melodic pull, reminiscent toward the end of Electric Light Orchestra.” (Obscure Sound)
“Dreamy yet poignant vocal strings that evoke many emotions and bring to the surface many revelations…” (Independent Music Reviews)
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