FLUB: California-based Experimental Death Metal Unit (Members of Rivers of Nihil, ex-Alterbeast, ex-Vale of Pnath) Debut Self-Titled Album Out Today!
Flub – Flub out now via The Artisan Era.
For Fans Of: Arkaik, The Contortionist – Exoplanet, Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Replacire
Sacramento, California-based experimental death metal project Flub return after several years of writing with the release of their self-titled full-length. The album is officially out now as of today, Friday, June 7th, through The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s two prior EP’s and a standalone single which were released several years ago.

The group’s impressive pedigree includes ex-Alterbeast vocalist Michael Alvarez, ex-Vale of Pnath guitarist Eloy Montes, Rivers Of Nihil drummer Jared Klein, and ex-The User Lives bassist Matthew Mud. Flub was formed in 2013 by Michael, Eloy, and Jared before the three of them made a name for themselves in other groups in the last few years. Now the time is right for Flub to return with their most mature music to date.

Flub – Flub is an adventurous death metal experience, one that distills and combines a love for catchy melodies, pulverizing grooves, ravenous brutality, symphonic flourishes, and vicious technical death metal. On top of the albums multi-faceted approach to death metal, Flub skillfully weaves in a range of elements from various genres of music, such as cumbia, jazz fusion and classical. Ambitious yet never needlessly busy, Flub is poised to deliver one of 2019’s finest death metal albums.

You can hear all of their debut self-titled full-length, Flub – Flub, through the link below. The band just returned from their live dates supporting a portion of the lengthy Inanimate Existence – Clockwork album release tour, and thus far, the new Flub album has been well received by both fans and newcomers to their music alike. 

**You can check out Flub – Flub HERE 

Here’s what critics are saying about Flub – Flub already

“Flub’s prowess for technical death metal mastery and melodic superiority is on full display..Take a look below as you get lost in Flub’s dazzling mix of technicality and accessibility.” -Metal Sucks

“Having a positive vibe to the sound isn’t usually a typical death metal move, but Flub has always had that fresher aspect. The full release, the band’s self-titled debut Flub, contains a lot more of this type of exploration, with jazz fusion, classical and Latin elements weaved into the tech death framework.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Things that would jar you from your concentration on other albums feel entirely natural here, be it a brief tango section or an undercurrent of John Carpenter-style synths. The actual tech death parts- you know, the bits you read this column for- have gotten a big upgrade, too. New bassist Matthew Mudd gives the foundation some heft and supplies some chunky grooves, and the guitar fully embraces counterpoint and complex harmonies. It’s the full package, strong songwriting and a truly unique sound with good production.” – Toilet Ov Hell

“They’ve got this hazy, dreamlike quality, and the additional effects and synths elevate an otherwise familiar bit of neoclassical tech death to a shredding LCD trip through Wonderland. It’s at these moments where the band truly shines.” – Metal Trenches

“Much like Advent, their first full-length debut is one that does a good job sidestepping the usual tech death tropes. There’s a slightly trippy and psychedelic vibe that can rear its head a few times, in addition to some occasional jazz fusion, Spanish (marimba), and classical vibes as well. In short, a pretty suiting soundtrack to the artwork that appears on the cover. Oddly, it can be a bit whimsical at times too, with bits of “Wild Smoke” and “Umbra Mortis” as evidence – but it works in the band’s favor. There’s not nearly enough tech death that can be considered playful (see First Fragment), and it really gives them an edge.” -Dead Rhetoric

“It’s always good to see some ambition within death metal and Flub certainly have it. Not only that but the talent within their ranks makes that ambition seem all the more realized.” -GBHBL

“Each song is filled to the brim with countless musical ideas making the record incredibly dense overall and utterly unpredictable, but the tracks all remain easy to digest with the equally complex and straightforward, ‘exotic’ melodies and rhythms.” – Metal Utopia

“From its beginning, the self-titled record wastes no time in showing off the trickery of the guitar leads and blast beats. Without a doubt a traditionally fast and formulaic tech track. However, FLUB is much more than any other tech-death group” – Metal Nexus

“The music is really aimed to appeal to the listener and despite a fair amount of intricacy and diversity, they have a lot of impact and all the songs are kept on point. What really makes them stand out is their approach towards melody.” – Metal Observer

“Stylistically the album is your classic progressive death metal affair with some notable distinctions. There are some chunky deathcore sounding influences splattered across which surface in the form of meaty riffs and a few breakdowns.” – Everything Is Noise

Although they maintain a very focused idea of what technical death metal should be like, they leave a bit of these parameters to give a strong experience with a lot of substance. This debut proves what they are capable of, they will no longer be the shadow of any recognized group, they are for the major leagues and they will stay there.” – Return To My Blood

“…Flub has some of the most competent fusion elements I’ve heard in… ever. Somehow, I’ve never even heard a band like this (technical death metal) combine electronic elements so effectively.  They work too, things aren’t just here and there ala iwrestledabearonce for the sake of silliness and strange. Lord knows a band like this could’ve done just that too, with a name like Flub any crazy nonsense could’ve been done. It wasn’t though, everything here works on a compositional level and flows together rather effectively. Hell, there are even sections with a bit of air in them. That, in itself, is somewhat of an oddity in this subgenre.”
– DireNotes

**Pre-orders for Flub – Flub are now live
Merch Bundles: http://smarturl.it/FLUB-MERCH
Bandcamp: http://smarturl.it/FLUB-Bandcamp

INTERVIEW ALERT: Flub is still available for interviews. Please send us a message if you would like to set something up with the band.

Flub – Flub Tracklist
1. Last Breath
2. Blossom
3. Umbra Mortis
4. Dream
5. Rise From Your Grave
6. Rebirth
7. Wild Smoke

Flub – Flub Line-up
Vocals: Michael Alvarez (ex-Alterbeast)
Guitars/Programming: Eloy Montes (ex-Vale of Pnath)
Bass: Matthew Mudd (ex-The User Lives)
Drums: Jared Klein (Rivers of Nihil, Grindfeld)

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Flub YouTube Channel

The Artisan Era YouTube Channel

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