Exodus // Persona Non Grata // Album Review


Let’s be honest, for over 4 decades, Exodus has destroyed everything in their way.

Having formed in Richmond, California in 1979, the band released one of the most important albums in the Thrash genre when they unleashed Bonded By Blood in 1985. Exodus has released 10 blistering full-length albums and now the Thrash titans have returned to up the pace and ferocity as they scorch the earth once again.

Erupting into life with slashing guitars before the drums let rip and chaos ensue, this is earth-shaking stuff and don’t expect any let-up. The album title track opens the show with a 7:30 test of your resilience and whilst many of the other tracks are not as long, they are still going to cripple you.

As the album title translates to “an unwelcome” or “unacceptable” person and explores themes such as modern societal disgust and degradation, you can feel the distrain that the band have for these people and provide the motivation for you to cut these people out.

‘Clickbait’ takes aim at those websites that will write anything to just get a click and the animosity is felt in your core as the seed and venom is spat through the speakers but is catchy and grips, not letting go throughout.

You will feel your spinal fluid being squeezed into your brain and the feeling that you are going to erupt as the pressure builds and the only way to unleash it is to smash your head into something hard repeatedly. Just make sure that the wall is pretty robust, otherwise, your forehead will be through it!

Would we expect anything else for this legendary Thrash band? Simply no, and even with over 40 years and now 11 albums under the belt, there is no let-up of power, pace and crushing energy. The attack doesn’t always feel the same either and the band have so many different approaches, but the result is always the same, a pile of rubble.

So, for an hour and 12 tracks, you are going to be battered from pillar to post and if an album is ever going to leave you physically bruised, this is going to be it. Persona Non-Grata is punishingly brilliant from start t finish and is an essential addition to any Thrash collection.

Ed Ford


Persona Non-Grata will be released on 19th November 2021 via Nuclear Blast.




  1. Persona Non Grata
  2. R.E.M.F
  3. Slipping Into Madness
  4. Elitist
  5. Prescribing Horror
  6. The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)
  7. The Years Of Death And Dying
  8. Clickbait
  9. Cosa Del Pantano
  10. Lunatic-Liar-Lord
  11. The Fires Of Division
  12. Antiseed







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