Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review
Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review9
Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review9
Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review9
Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review9
Exocrine // Maelstrom // Album Review9
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Exocrine have come a long way in a short time, having formed in 2015, their debut album Unreal Existence was released later the same year and then some short 12 months after, the second album Ascension was unleashed. 2018 saw a new label in Unique Leader Records and the third album Molten Planet along with sharing a stage with The Faceless, Obituary, Obscura, and Archspire and now the quartet are back with the intention of pushing the boundaries of Tech Death even further than already have.

Press play and the sheer brutality smashes you square between the eyes, with a very deep growl and shattering drums before the Technical guitars come along and really begin to mess with your head! The pace is relentless and the energy that is given off is incredible. This is already one of the most Technical albums I have heard this year as well as one of the most brutal offerings to date.

This combination of Brutality and Tech-Death continues to crush and then the blast beats join the party, just to add a little extra spice! 

Maelstrom continues in a manner like no other and blends sub-genres seamlessly as the band creates their own sound and flavour. The drums never stop, the guitars feel like they never stop shredding and the bass provides the ever-changing tones for it all to be built upon before the vocal comes along and with the occasional bree, provides the additional brutality and then we have occasional Jazz influence just to diversify everything!

Exocrine have created an album with a ridiculous amount going on and to fully appreciate the complexity of what has been created, you need to invest the time that the album deserves as this is unlike most other things and cannot be fully absorbed in a one-hitter. For me the initial impression was the sheer Technicality of it, however then the more I listened the drums and the vocal all have their own entity and when you have acknowledges each aspect, the overall result is even more impressive than that initial hit. Any Tech-Death or Brutal Death fan needs to hear this, to say it is impressive is an understatement and injustice to the sheer amount of work that must have gone into creating this beast.

Ed Ford


Maelstrom is released Friday, June 26th via Unique Leader Records

Track List

1 Maelstrom
2 The Kraken
3 Wall Of Water
4 Abyssal Flesh
5 Orbital Station
6 The Wreck
7 Starvation Project
8 The Chosen One
9 Galactic Gods








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