High flying Scottish dirty blues trio, THE HOWLING LORDS, set loose a contagious, dirty garage rock sound with ballsy riffs, casting comparisons to everyone from the Black Keys and Queens Of the Stoneage to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The rising three piece continue their rise with a UK tour and a brand new video for the track, Soul To Sell, out next month. For now, check out the band’s last video, Black Dog.


To gain a deeper insight to the band, we asked the guys to give us five tracks that have helped to define their sound:

  1. L. Burnside ‘Goin’ Down South’

What can I say about this song that it doesn’t say for itself, the simple words, the simple riff, the nasty clean sound, or maybe what really what inspires us from the song is the fact that it’s completely and utterly punk in the way it’s attitude and sound

Fidlar ‘40oz On Repeat’

Every thing about ‘Fidlar’ is punk for the modern era with brilliant pop sentiment in the song structure I just love the DIY feel of the sound and the energy from the track is just great with the self deprecation we need more bands like this to be honest


The Cadillac Three ‘I’m Rockin’

Speed, Attitude, Drive and just a good vibes, this band is the perfect blend of country, blue’s and good old fashion ball’s to the wall hard hitting rock they don’t make songs so much as statements and we can relate to a lot of their songs I dare you put this on and not feel like having a good time

Philip Sayce ‘Out of My Mind (Live)’

What a riff what a trio what a just wow all I can say on this is when we found this song on YouTube was mind blown and just wow!

Charles Bradley ‘Why is it So Hard (Live)’

This version of the song it all about the vocal performance and this song is so honest in it lyrics and the way he sings cause he can feel every emotion in the song and you can hear the pain in his voice and the weight of sadness of the subject mater

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