UK metalcore crew CROSTPATHS are ready to unleash an assault on the land with the launch of their debut self-titled EP on Friday 29th November.  The alternative metallers have also just dropped a new video and single, Pariah, out now. Watch the video for the track, here – . With this in mind, we asked the guys for five tracks that have helped influence their blistering sound:

Mikey (Guitars): Bring Me The Horizon – True Friends

“The riffs that are used are really focused on that bounce and finding a really prominent groove. It’s got to make you move and for me this song has a lot of that in terms in both synth and instruments alike.”

Owain (Bass): Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus

“A song that starts with an up tempo chord strum with a great beat behind it. The song follows a basic structure verse/chorus/verse/chorus with a catchy hook but the breakdown is an homage to classic songs, each line is a throwback to old radio hits and I have always found it genius.”

Mace (Drums): PVRIS – My House

“Electric and acoustic banging beats, breakdowns, drops and masterfully crafted middle 8s.”

Ritchie (Vocals): Stray From The Path – Fortune Teller

“For me, this band are today’s Rage Against the Machine (in a slightly more organic sense than the awesome Fever 333). They channel raw energy and aggression into incredibly enjoyable bouncing grooves. We’re not a political band but we have the utmost respect for artists who wear their hearts on their sleeves in such a bold manner.”

Crostpaths (mutual pick): Zebrahead – Hell Yeah

“When we started this project, one of the first things we did was create a collaborative playlist of songs we’d like to influence our potential sound. Zebrahead were one of a handful of bands who were added to it by more than one of us. They represent something we feel is crucial to a band – take your music seriously but not yourselves. Have fun & live a little!”

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