Godz Ov War Productions proudly announce the release of Call of the Void – the highly acclaimed demo by Oakland, California based Evulsewith members of Mortuous, Swamp Witch and Augurs

The CD (digipack) will be out on 15.02.2019. Transylvanian Tapes released this demo on tape, and a 7”EP will be available soon from Dawnbreed Records.

This filthy, rotten piece of disgusting, old school death metal was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Lee, and the cover illustration was provided by Joe ‘Ravager’ Romero.

The tracklist comprises the following:
1. Hypochondria.
2. Hideous Mound.
3. Call of the Void.
4. Agoraphobia.

The band are going to promote the release in a series of underground gigs:
1/10/2019 Fresno, CA
1/11/2019 Pasadena, CA
1/12/2019 Phoenix, AZ
2/28/2019 Sacramento, CA

To make the waiting shorter, visit the page below to stream the demo in its entirety:

Line up:
Jimmy – Vocals
Colin Tarvin – Guitars
Michael Treloar – Guitars
Clint Roach – Bass
Matt Thompson – Drums

More info: www.facebook.com/evulsingdeath

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