Evulse // Pustulant Spawn // EP Review

Hailing from California (USA) Evulse are unrelentingly stripped-down death metal at its greatest.
Taking all the great parts of classic bands like Autopsy, Incantation & Carcass. Evulse have been able to craft an EP that isn’t just fresh for a scene that has been pioneering for 30+ years, they have also been able to add to the already lustrous catalogue of bands with what I feel is my favourite EP of 2021
Following their Demo in 2018 “Call Of The Void”, Evulse had been quickly put on my radar with such a strong first outing as a band.
Only featuring 4 tracks “Pustulant Spawn” is a no thrills, slab old school death metal follow up.
It has that perfect mix of raw production, with guttural vocals & shrills. Some brilliant lead guitar work in the vein of Bill Steer or riffing of Danny Coralles. And drumming that sounds like a cannon blasting into the atmosphere.
It may be short and sweet at only 13 minutes but what it does with that time is keep you engaged, banging your head to the riffs & tapping your leg to the breakneck drum grooves.
“Repulsive Infestation” is a great opener, with a strong & furious guitar riff to hook you il and pull you along for the ride. One of my favourite parts of Evulse is the vocals. Some vocalists only have a few different vocal ranges in their pocket but Jimmy has a slew, all of which are sickening & so varied.
The bass & guitar tones on the EP are down-tuned sludgy & just downright dirty, which makes them fit well with the very raw & super percussive sounding drum tone. As a band, they are tightknit and work perfectly as a whole.
“Depraved Sanctity” is a blast of D-Beat, fast-paced tremolo picking and blood-curdling yells. Enough to make your skin crawl!
If Evulse are able to write such a strong 4 track EP I cannot wait to see what they can conjure for a full length. If you like your death metal putrid & horrifying. You will love this.
Review: Joseph Mitchell
Pustulant Spawn is out 27th Feb via Godz Ov War Productions
1.Repulsive Infestation
2.Pustulant Spawn
3.Depraved Sanctity
4.Worms Made Flesh
Line Up:
Jimmy – Vocals
Colin Tarvin – Guitars
Michael Treloar – Guitars
Clint Roach – Bass
Johnny Valles – Drums
Evulse // Pustulant Spawn // EP Review
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