Hailing from Oakland, California EVULSE came onto the scene with a bang. Featuring members of killer bands such as MortuousEnsepulcherAugurs, Gravecoven and Acephalix this five-piece recorded their debut demo “Call of the Void” in 2018.

Initially released digitally and on cassette tape by Transylvanian Tapes and in early 2019 by Poland’s Godz of War Productions on MCD. Now this 4-track 10 minute recording has been given a vinyl treatment by Dawnbreed Records. By far the perfect format for such an intense dose of death metal.

EVULSE has it all. Their music is dark, intense and brutal but most of all deadly. An orgy of riffs both fast and slow. Killer drumming and some sick solos. Exactly the way death metal was intended to be. There’s nothing pretty about this release. This is the nasty stuff and you will love it.

Call of the Void” tracklist:

01. Hypochondria
02. Hideous Mound
03. Call of the Void
04. Agoraphobia





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