Evildead // United States Of Anarchy // Album Review

Intrigued was the initial thought when the word of a new release from the LA thrash masters was teased and having had the pleasure of listening to it you will be delighted to know there has been very little if any change to their sound since they first started out back in 86, and coming in at just over thirty-eight minutes it’s an absolute blast. Straight off the bat, they come at you at full tilt with “The Descending” a relentless sonic attack with the drums, bass, and guitars all on point as Flores rips on the vocals, oh what a throwback to the glory days of thrash.

“Word Of God” continues the onslaught with the pounding drums of Allianz and Medina’s bass blending nicely with the savage riffs of Garcia and Gonzalez while Flores spits his vocals with venom. “Napoleon Complex” again batters you into submission with its ceaseless beat and killer riffs that lead into a funky solo, while it is a great track the only criticism is that there is far too much bass, to such an extent that you will think your speakers are blown. “Greenhouse” has a groovy feel to it, a lá Anthrax, riffs that are heavy and funky while the drums keep a blistering pace, Flores again kills the vocals with his snarling approach. You will be forgiven for thinking you were listening to Slayer when you hear the opening to “Without A Cause” as the riffs are straight out of their playbook, a pure thrash track with thunderous drums and killer bass as the guitars cut it up with back and forth riffs. “No Difference” offers something a little different at the start with a smooth bluesy/jazz infusion that will have you thinking what the hell is going on before it all descends into chaos in the best possible way.

Again unfortunately the bass overplays its hand as the sound gets lost in a haze, a track that should offer much more is marred by poor sound, sad to say it’s hard to listen to. “Blasphemy Divine” is another straight out of thrash 101, pounding aggression bends you to its will as the guitars rip once more with a tasty solo in between some awesome chugging riffs, Flores plays a blinder here on what is the best track on the album. “A.O.P. War Dance” chugs into life with a heavy riff-fest that combined with Allianz killer drumming explodes into a thrash masterpiece, Medina’s bass rumbles along underneath keeping everything else in check. Closing out a killer album is “Seed Of Doubt” finishing as it started at a million miles an hour, a fitting way to end it.

While old school thrash may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this gives us of a certain vintage a nice nostalgic look back at the heady days when music was played as it should be loud and fast.




EVILDEAD “United $tate$ Of Anarchy”

Format:           – CD Digipak

                       – LP, 1 bonus track, orange with black swirls vinyl, printed inner sleeves

01. The Descending 3:12
02. Word Of God 3:04
03. Napoleon Complex 3:08
04. Green House 3:59
05. Without A Cause 3:05
06. No Difference 4:20
07. Blasphemy Divine 2:57
08. A.O.P. / War Dance 5:21
09. Seed Of Doubt 5:27

LP Bonus Track:
10. Planet Claire 2020 4:03 (bonus track)

United States Of Anarchy is out 30th October


 Evildead are:

Phil Flores Vocals

Juan Garcia Guitars

Rob Alainz Drums

Albert Gonzalez Guitars

Karlos Medina Bass





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