Every Time I Die // Radical // Album Review


The place was upstate New York in the year of 1998, Every Time I Die took their first breathe and then released the EP The Burial Plot Bidding War in 2000 followed by Last Night in Town in 2001, introducing the world to the wonders of their energetic metalcore. The following albums solidified their importance in the modern metal world and now 5 years after Low Teens, the band are about to release their ninth studio album which comprises 16 true Every Time I Die tracks that will smash you to pieces.

As the guitars sound to announce the return the vocal sounds the warning before glorious metallic hardcore begin to punch your brain. With damaging riffs that carry a hint of Post-Rock, shuddering drums and blistering energy, the opening track will push those unprepared toward seeking therapy.

Let this be a warning to you as the energy can literally be felt through the headphones and pressurises your resilience before the slicing strings have their time with you. The vocal is one of pain and passion, the kind that you just want to join in with and tear your vocal cords to pieces.

There are many different influences that flow throughout the sound, but the Punk and Hardcore just can’t help to kick you between the eyes repeatedly. The strange thing is it feels so good, you’ll soon be headbutting someone’s foot.

As you scream along and lose control of your limbs, you will feel like you are mid-workout as the music just makes your body dump adrenaline as it feels like it’s under attack. In many ways this is the case as the heavy that comes with the release is incredible and really needs to be experienced, only then will you fully appreciate how much this is going to slap you silly.

From start to finish Radical is a high-octane assault of the most fantastic kind. You will not stop moving or screaming and just keep wating more. Most importantly, however, is the fact that you will feel so much having listened to the album. The way that Every Time I Die connects to the listener is stunning as the brutality you will experience will resonate in so many different ways.

Radical pushes the importance of Every Time I Die even higher and could easily be one of the albums of 2021.

Ed Ford


Radical will be released on October 22nd 2021 via Epitaph Records.




Dark Distance – 2:54

Sly – 2:31

Planet Shit – 3:57

Post-Boredom – 3:16

A Colossal Wreck – 2:28

Desperate Pleasures – 3:12

All This And War – 3:11

Thing With Feathers – 3:38

Hostile Architecture – 2:37

AWOL – 2:11

The Whip – 2:30

White Void – 3:35

Distress Rehearsal – 3:13

sexsexsex – 3:28

People Verses – 3:33

We Go Together – 5:03




Every Time I Die // Radical // Album Review
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