Evert Snyman releases eclectic new album Hot Mess.


Evert Snyman releases eclectic new album Hot Mess.

Evert Snyman is a multi-instrumentalist who has been, and continues to be, a part of numerous bands including South African stoner rock giants Ruff Majik. On Snyman’s anticipated second solo album Hot Mess he spreads his creative wings to fully explore his unique voice, and prolific songwriting.

Hot Mess oozes retro vibes while fearlessly blazing new trails; an array of sounds and styles distilled into a formidable, and unique listening experience. Pop sensibilities blended with guitar rock, and a dash of piano balladry are just part of the tones at work. These tracks feel bigger, more open, as if they were given room to breathe instead of being confined to a strict verse, chorus, verse, chorus format. The title track is perhaps the clearest example of this; an effortless glide through shoegaze and stoner rock with an expert incorporation of psych elements, while still retaining a pop sensibility.

Hot mess is a cohesive body of work featuring a cornucopia of styles within each track. From rockers such as the “The End Of Time” to the beautiful introspection of “Cleaner Than God” ‘Hot Mess’ boasts impeccably crafted melodies and personal lyrics that bolster a record rich in warmth, exploration and depth. A unique offering, “Hot Mess” is the harbinger of so much more to come for Snyman.

Watch the video for the title tracks which features a hilarious cameo from Ruff Majik’s Johni Holiday – https://youtu.be/JE_e5Z1b8lI

Buy // Stream Hot Mess https://orcd.co/evertsnymanhotmess

Track Listing

The End Of Time
Debilitate Me
Dumb and Dead
Cleaner Than God
Hot Mess
Maybe Never
I Live The Lie
If Eyes Could Kill
Operation Human Shield

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