EVERLUST: Announce Their New Album “Diary of Existence”

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Announce Their New Album 

“Diary of Existence”

EVERLUST, gothic rock / melodic metal band from Latvia, will release their sophomore full-length album “Diary of Existence” on May 7th, 2021 via Wormholedeath on all digital platforms worldwide.

Band Comment:

The album will consist of 11 compositions, which are like different diary entries. The album describes the feelings of a person writing a diary. The mood is mostly melancholic in songs like “Land of Dreams”, “I Never Was” and “Alone”, which are heartbreak ballads about loneliness and unrequited love, even a little mystical “Despair” filled with more aphetic feels. There is also energy driven philosophical song “Running” which is about being alone in a crowd and running from oneself, lustful song “Everlust” and bipolar “Destroyer”. The band also made their version of famous Sam Smith’s song “Writings on the Wall”. “Diary of Existence” will also feature a duet song “Entwined” with Finnish band’s LAMORI front man Matias Juselius, which is also a romantic ballad about sick relationships.

About their new album: 

“Each of these songs is like the tales about our feelings, while going through some difficult situations in life and getting over them. We hope that these songs will be a helping hand to our listeners facing the same problems.”

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2-Land Of Dreams



5-Writings On The Wall (Sam Smith Cover)



8-Entwined (feat. Matias Juselius)

9-I Never Was




“Diary Of Existence” Album Trailer

Everlust - "Diary Of Existence" Album Trailer - YouTube




EVERLUST is a gothic rock / melodic metal band from Riga, Latvia. Their music can be described as melancholic and romantic. They sing about love, passion, heartbreak, misery, death. Besides, they are the only active gothic band left in the Baltic region at the moment with strong influence from bands like “Draconian”, “Theatre of Tragedy”, “Charon”, “Paradise Lost”, “Sentenced”, “Lacuna Coil”, “Trees Of Eternity” and more.

In 2020 EVERLUST signed a record deal with “Wormholedeath” records label from Italy. The new album “Diary of Existence” was recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered at Titans Lab Studio (Ferrara, Italy). Produced by Carlo Bellotti and Riccardo Daga.

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Band members:

Kate Brown – Vocals

Vlad Pucens – Guitar, Vocals

Max Reksna – Guitar

Alex Shangin – Drums

Pavel Savin – Bass

Andrew Jirgensons – Keyboards


Booking & Management By:



[email protected]

Agrita Damarovska: [email protected]



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