EVANGELIST // Ad Mortem Festimaus // Album Review

EVANGELIST // Ad Mortem Festimaus // Album Review
One of our favourite doom albums of 2020!

Polish titans EVANGELIST are back with their 3rd album “Ad Mortem Festimaus” and it couldn’t come at such a sombre time in the metal landscape.

EVANGELIST’s brand of classic influenced doom metal paints a portrait of heroic virtue, honour & pride, which in 2020 is a breath of fresh air!
There have been some heavyweight contenders of albums of the year and this album reaches those top ranks!

The band are able to carve what I feel makes doom great. They give you the heaviness of the genre, the epic feeling you get when hearing those amazing guitar leads & distortion landed guitars, a loud & tight rhythm section, and epic vocals.

Within “Ad Mortem Festimaus” you feel a story; a thread weaving between the songs, making the whole release feel a complete whole trying to tell you a story. From the opening, we hear a sample from the 1981 classic Excalibur.

From the beginning to end this album oozes epic without it being played out, cheesy over used & that is truly a feat within itself.
With the uses of beautiful vocal harmonies in “Anubis (On the Onyx Throne of Death)” could be dropped right into a medieval film soundtrack & fit perfectly within it!

“Deus Vult” the band’s second album was one of the best albums of 2018, firming EVANGELIST as one of the best European doom bands within the last few years.

I’m so happy to say with their newest release they are able to use more chain mail on their armour (excuse the pun) and build upon a great sound with this album.

They even included a brilliant cover of Manilla Roads “Mystification” which, if you weren’t a Manilla Road fan or knew of the band, would think this is an EVANGELIST original track, Keeping to the original Manilla Road sound but bringing it nicely into 2020 production & giving life to such a classic track!

My only issue with the album is the tracks do run a little long. which makes “Ad Mortem Festimaus” one of those albums you feel deserves a full listen, they blend perfectly into each other & make the whole album feel like a cohesive effort. this album is a back to front listen when some newcomers may be put off by the long tracks. but however I think it works as a whole & is one of our favourite doom albums of 2020!

Review: Joseph Mitchel

Track Listing:

1. Perceval
2. Anubis (On the Onyx Throne of Death)
3. The Puritan
4. Pale Lady of Mercy
5. Towards the End
6. Mystification (Manilla Road cover)

Running time: 36 min.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at JRStudio between Anno Domini 2016-2018 (tracks 3-5) and 2019-2020 (tracks 1,2 and 6) in two separate recording sessions by Jacek “Racek” Gruszka. Cover art drawing by Diego Spezzoni. Cover layout and packaging design by Xaay.



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