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Modern Euro metallers VOIDEMOLITION ( ) will drop their stunning new single and video, Sanity, on Friday 9th July. Coming at you from Remscheid, Germany, VOIDEMOLITION have been inspired by a host of metal acts. With that in mind, we exclusively asked the band to give us their top six most influential tracks:

“Jinjer – Retrospection –

Retrospection forms smooth transitions between parts and fuses them well with straight drum parts – exactly that happens in our music, too. The so created sound – arc of suspense, prelude opening into the chorus) is a characteristic that is found in many of our songs, especially Sanity. The whole album got a certain progressive touch.

Bury Tomorrow – Black Flame –

Black Flame has it all. Guitar tapping, heavy riffs, groovy beats, a fantastic combination of clean singing and massive guttural vocals and a stunning guitar solo. It is a direct inspiration for one of our own songs where we tried to take the tapping to a new level.

Trivium – Thrown into the fire –

A huge inspiration for us was the song “Thrown Into The Fire” by Trvium. We love the dark and atmospheric ambience it creates. The double bass-oriented drum parts and the oriental riffs influenced our writing massively.

Trivium has been a big influence on our band since the beginning of our journey.

Periphery – Blood Eagle –

Periphery’s “Blood Eagle” has a wide range and diversity of vocal as well as a straight yet progressive writing.

Their use of Phrygian mode to change mood and setting is something we adapted a lot.

The song and the band’s style also suited as an orientation for bass and Drum sounds for our album.

As I Lay Dying – Sound of Truth –

Sound of Truth is one of As I lay Dying’s most iconic songs. The fast shreds and the astonishing riffing were a good influence for our guitars while the balance of screams and vocals is just like we want it, too. The super melodic c-part and the solo are stylistics that we use a lot in our music, too.

Avenged Sevenfold – Afterlife / Nightmare – /

Avenged Sevenfold had a huge influence on the writing and playing style of our lead guitarist Timo. Especially the songs Afterlife and Nightmare characterized the way he plays the guitar. Although we don’t listen to A7X that much as we used to, the band will always have a great impact on our melodies.”

– You can pre-save the single ‘Sanity’, here – –

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