Opening track ‘River’ flows in as a cleansing Acoustic trickle with pleasant harmonious vocals but there’s also a  hint of Wild-West-Blues and it’s this shift that first gives an idea of what is about to unfold throughout the album.  There’s a more dynamic start to ‘Sunstroke’ and the drum counts us into an electric guitar riff before the lyrics set the tone; there’s really no rush,  just wait and the vocal power-belts of “Drown” will transport you back to a sun-drenched mid-‘90s Seattle sound.  It may be without the Seattle but it’s still chock full of hazy casual sand and deep surf.   ‘The Hunter’ (a song that doesn’t feature on the vinyl version of this album but is available as a download) offers a new, grittier edge.  Addictive and interesting, its words grab your attention whilst the cascades of guitar riffs and drumming swerve to give your eardrums a roundhouse kick.  Towards the end, the vocals get deeper and cleaner,  the energy builds and the song spins you into a tunnel-like vortex.

Prog-fuelled ‘Delirium’ is a full-on brain indulgence. Showcasing just what chameleons of the genre this band are. There’s so much texture to this song and one hell of a stonking guitar solo.  It flits from a Space Rock and ‘70s Hammond organ sound before calming to an acoustic moment but with vocals that speed to a trot before elements of what sound like lute and bodhran bring a Medieval Folk feel.  This track picks up the swirling effect where the last left off, it’s a great placement on the album.   ‘Laying on of Hands’ begins fast and frantic, close to someone possessed or at the very least full of unbridled angst.  The vocal harmonies and words in this track bring emotion and eeriness and the ghostly guitar and piano notes suggest a plead for help beneath a choking thick smog of inner ordeal.  ‘Overgrown’ starts as a pondering acoustic song with words that soak you with a certain sadness, before plugging into an electric guitar solo and leaving it to ‘Serenity’ to scoop you up and dust you down as it chugs in with the grit again.  Chanting in through your ears and prickling your skin, it gently floats your soul to safety, then rinses and repeats.

The most beautiful acoustic intro begets the heart-wrenching masterpiece that is ‘Remembering’ possibly the most poignant song on the album if not of the year so far, it has it all, heartfelt lyrics, chaos and drama,  short sparks of determination, and a guitar interpretation of the vocal melody as well as strings and even a blanket with holes in to offer familiar solace.  ‘Bitter Wishbone’ wraps the album with a harsh heavy simple bassline and robust guitar work to bring one last fresh sound. With vocals that blend exceptionally well and musical variety in abundance, this album has longevity and unveils more secrets at every listen.   ‘In Delirium’ is out Wednesday 16th June 2021.  Find out more at:





Zach Cornish – vocals and bass

Ben Cornish – Backing vocals

Dan Aston – guitar and backing vocals


River  03:56

Sunstroke  05:41

The Hunter (CD or as download)  04:18

Delirium  06:01

Laying on of Hands 07:08

Overgrown 04:47

Serenity 06:00

Remembering 06:29

Bitter Wishbone 05:46




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