“‘22 Layers Of Sunlight’ eschews the necessarily eclectic approach of ‘Invisible Din’ for a more mature, measured record…’Sensual Earth’ is impressive in its arrangement, vaulting time changes and cascading scale, particularly as the symphonic section gives way to a wild guitar solo. There are modern mannerisms throughout. However, balance is the keyword here: between classic and contemporary, digital and analogue, musicality and ‘the grid’. 22 Layers…well constructed then.” (Matt Parker – Prog magazine April 2018).


“The debut gently washed over you at times and this follow-up has the same gorgeous wave-like feel with Tony Lowe showing how he can open out this music to delight. ‘God Of Denial’ has a softly pulsing feel with a Roger Waters-type delivery and soundscape intention. It starts with a big canvas, never urging, always bringing you to its beguiling notes gently…The music wanders beautifully and reminds us that what we find when we just wander is worth a million to-do lists. That it occasionally sounds like early Genesis is a huge plus….This is an album that will reward your time with real richness. Listen to it in the summer sunlight and be caressed by the sound.’ (Steve Swift, Fireworks Magazine Summer 2018 issue)


Tony Lowe’s supreme symphonic progressive rock collective ESP Project have lined up the release of their hugely accomplished, upbeat and powerful third album, ‘The Rising’, on the Sunn Creative label on October 11th. A radio edit of ‘Connected’, taken from the album, will be released as a single on September 13th.


‘The Rising’ effortlessly picks up from where ’22 Layers Of Sunlight’ left off, the tight four piece band shimmying through an emotive landscape sculpted by the powerful and moving music of Tony Lowe, coupled with the insightful and heartfelt lyrics of vocalist Damien Child, an accomplished actor and singer with many years of experience in national TV, radio and West End Theatre. Born into a musical family, Damien grew up listening to his father telling stories of being in a band with his cousin Graham Nash as a youth, (before being told by his Mum to ‘get a proper job’).


ESP Project are set to debut ‘The Rising’ live when they headline London’s Half Moon in Putney on October 16th. Tickets are priced £10 in advance via or £12 on the door.


‘The Rising’ has all the hallmarks of the first two ESP releases, with Tony’s symphonic compositions and arrangements weaving in and out of evocative and passionate vocal sections, delivered with both sensitivity and power in all the right places by Damien with his versatile and poignant vocals. Threaded through with Tony’s unmistakable guitar and keyboard playing, the fluid grooves of Pete Clark’s bass, and all underpinned by the intense energy of Greg Pringle’s drums, ‘The Rising’ exudes ‘classic third album’ syndrome.


The ‘ESP Project’ began in 2016 with ‘Invisible Din’ featuring a host of well-known guest musicians, including Mark Brzezicki (Big Country, Procol Harum), David Cross (King Crimson), David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator), Phil Spalding (Steve Hackett, Mike Oldfield), Steve Gee (Landmarq), John Young (Lifesigns), Pat Orchard, Alison Fleming (Tony Lowe), John Beagley and electric harp from Yumi Hara (Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper).


Prog Magazine’s Gary McKenzie reviewed ‘Invisible Din’ in January 2017 stating that “From the first moments of ‘Overture’ it’s apparent we’re dealing with quality, with punchy drums, the strains of analogue synths, woodwind courtesy of VdGG’s David Jackson (who appears beside John Young, Steve Gee and more here), and guitar interwoven in a bold, expansive statement of intent… As a new force on the symphonic prog block, ‘Invisible Din’ is as good an opening salvo as you’re likely to get.”


‘22 Layers of Sunlight’, the second ESP project (2.0) album, a collaboration between Tony Lowe & Peter Coyle with Pete Clark on bass and Mark Brzezicki on drums, raised the bar even higher with its deeply evocative songs and fluid, flowing soundscape.


‘The Rising’, recorded with talented drummer Greg Pringle (Pete Townshend, Simon Townshend, Bernie Marsden etc.) is now all set to blast the ESP Project into Prog Rock’s heady stratosphere. /

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