Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // EP Review
Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // Album Review 9
Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // Album Review 9
Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // Album Review 9
Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // Album Review 9
Eskimo Callboy // MMXX // Album Review 9
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Eskimo Callboy is no stranger to the world of metalcore. With their debut EP launching 10 years ago they’ve been on a steady climb to the top since. Over the past few months though, Eskimo Callboy has taken the entire internet by storm with their single Hypa Hypa, which after 2 months has 6 million views on Youtube and more reactions than I can count. This overwhelmingly positive reaction has helped them massively with the release of their newest EP MMXX, which signals a new chapter in the band’s career, especially with the introduction to their new vocalist Nico Sallach (formerly To the Rats and Wolves).

Starting the EP is Hypa Hypa that I briefly mentioned above. I unapologetically love this song. The sheer energy of the song mixed with the fantastic performances and the pure catchiness of it made it the perfect song to not only start the EP but to be the first single. If you check out just one song from this release, make it this. Up next was the second single, Hate/Love which I would say is a much more serious track while still keeping the catchiness of Hypa Hypa.

The third track of the EP is actually a sequel to one of the band’s most well-known songs, MC Thunder II (Dancing like a ninja). With chunky breakdowns and riffs and pumping electronic synths throughout alongside a great vocal performance just makes the track work incredibly well. Track 4 is Monsieur Moustache, which felt like a time capsule to 2013 when Crabcore was slowly taking over the world and would feel at home on any big release from the genre at that time period. I really didn’t expect that level of nostalgia on this EP. 

Moving on we have Dramaqueen. The aggression found here properly caught me off guard, with a filthy, chuggy breakdown and my favorite instrumental performances across the release that showcases the range the band truly has. Finally, we have Prism. This track is fantastic, great vocals and a soothing acoustic guitar provided by Tobias Rauscher (a German folk musician) make for an easy listen to close out what has been an incredibly energetic release.

Eskimo Callboy has created one of the most unapologetically fun releases I’ve had the pleasure of listening to over the last year with MMXX. With the EP only taking 16 weeks to create fully, the band has spoken about how they poured all their creativity into it, and my god it shows. Just spend half an hour of your time checking out this EP, you won’t regret it. 


MMXX is out now via Century Media Records.


Review: Daniel Stapleton


08.01.21 (DE) Kiel – MAX
09.01.21 (DE) Rostock – M.A.U
11.01.21 (PL) Wroclaw – Pralnia
12.01.21 (DE) Dresden – Schlachthof
13.01.21 (DE) Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
15.01.21 (AT) Graz – PPC
16.01.21 (DE) Lindau – Club Vaudeville
17.01.21 (CH) Pratteln – Z7
18.01.21 (DE) Saarbrücken – Garage
20.01.21 (DE) Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
23.01.21 (NL) Amsterdam – Q-Factory24.01.21 (DE) Hanover – Capitol

From their humble beginnings as teenage regulars at the local youth club in their hometown of Castrop Rauxel to touring the world – they have played and partied in Russia, the States, Japan, China and South Africa – ESKIMO CALLBOY worked tirelessly for their journey to notoriety for the past 10 years. That they have scored three Top 10 placements on the German Top Album Charts is also an indication of the group’s work hard, play hard ethos. Outside of ESKIMO CALLBOY members of the band are involved in IT, sound engineering and video production, which came in handy for the creation of “MMXX”.

“Celebrating the good times! That‘s what EC has always been about!” the band comments. “We cannot wait to do so together with all of you once when we are finally back on tour.”

Kevin – Vocals, Keys
Nico – Vocals
Daniel – Guitar
Pascal – Guitar
Daniel – Bass
David – Drums

Visit ESKIMO CALLBOY online:



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