Escape The Fate - Slaves - The World Over - Live Review - Limelight Belfast
Escape The Fate - Slaves - The World Over - Live Review - Limelight Belfast
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A damp dreary night in Belfast greeted this trio of hard rocking Emo bands from the other side of the pond, a stop-start to their UK & Ireland tour with last nights Dublin show cancelled due to the band being unable to make the ferry crossing, meant Belfast was being treated to the first taste for many of these killer acts.

First up The World Over, L.A. quartet minus 1 Bassplayer? (UK Visa denied!) This Pop-Punk-Metalcore band opened up proceedings with a passionate and high energy set. Fronted by Taiday Bell. She gave her all as the crowd was slow to arrive with such an early start, kicking off amidst tea-time traffic chaos the Limelight and it’s city centre location always proves problematic filling up with such an early start on a school night (Doors 6pm). The music was hard hitting yet melodic and pedal to the metal with thumping bass lines; intricate guitar work and gutteral vocals fused with softer radio friendly choruses.

It was a pretty savage start to the evening and set the bar high for what was to follow, high intensity and high impact, The World Over meant business and business was good! A blistering end to their set made for a powerful and impressive introduction to the Belfast faithful.

Sacramento Rock Band Slaves are up next and immediately make an impact with a polished sound and stellar vocal performance form front man Jonny Craig, the band who recently dropped a four track acoustic EP Revision hit the ground running with a kick ass opener, again a highly melodic band packed with hefty guitar riffs make this quintet one to watch. A far more radio friendly vibe, Slaves write angst ridden songs that the prepubescent teens just cant get enough of, you can imagine this songs as a backing track to many an American teens youth, resonating and guiding them through many a catfish and beyond. The Belfast crowd warmed quickly to their huge sound, all American, like a warm blanket and momma’s home cooking what’s not to like?

9:15 Escape The Fate hit the stage, tonight is about one thing. The ten year anniversary of This World Is Ours, The Las Vegas Rockers are celebrating a landmark, played in its entirety, bold, brash and as live as it gets. Kicking off with album opener ‘We Wont Back Down’ these guys look every bit the Rockstars with their larger than life stage presence. By their third song ‘Ashley’ the crowds singing along as frontman Craig Mabbit points the mic outwards.

For the first time tonight a mosh pit opens up on the floor, the Limelight has come alive and the room has filled out nicely, worthy of tonight’s hosts. The roar from the crowd at the end of each song speaks volumes as to the popularity of these guys, hard to pigeon-hole you get a barrage of sounds and influences from Escape The Fate, Punk, Rock, Metal to Metalcore the hts get bigger with each track and you feel battered and brusied as the night goes on. Screaming Guitars, Blistering solos and duelling vocals from the depths of hell are staple ingredients for an Escape The Fate gig, but tonight these guys are on fire! Maybe it’s the pent up frustration from last nights cancelled gig in Dublin but The Limelight is Rocking tonight. The guys mix it up bring their softer side into the mix slowing things down to get a few lighters in the air but the Belfast massive want it hard and heavy.

Escape The Fate oblige, a kick ass set played to a kick ass crowd, devoted and soaking up the atmosphere of a celebratory occasion ‘This World Is Ours’ may be coming of age, but it is still sounding as sweet as it did first time round.

Photography Steven Donnelly – SJD Photography 



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