EREZ announces “Where’s My Voice” Out February 17th + 35 date tour

Artist and producer EREZ is back with a new single that captivates with its electrifying rhythm and powerful message for listeners. And just in time as she is going on a 35-date tour supporting ELDERBROOK. (Tour dates below)

“Where’s My Voice” opens  with a gritty baseline and EREZ’s chilling vocals, “The weight of your words dictate my world, it’s been kind of rough”. This transitions into a pleading croon before the chorus kicks in. EREZ’s latest single is a masterclass in the power of dynamics. “Where’s My Voice” utilizes an ebb and flow that gets you asking the exact same question.

KCRW Top 30

“Dance It Away” expresses her passion for movement, choreography, and the freedom the artform provides.” – KCRW

“an honest track that’s not shy of ‘soul’, influenced by the artist’s love of dancing late into the night” – Indie Shuffle

“EREZ has the power to transcend us into a different time or realm that is just unfamiliar enough to help us forget.” – Euphoria

“the indie electronic politico shape shifter” – American Pancake

“a talent who is unafraid of bringing thought-provoking lyricism into her songs.” – Alfitude

“Who am I? Isn’t that fundamental question something we are trying to answer all of our lives? It’s also a source of internal grounding, suffering, chaos, adventure, growth, and happiness — all bundled up into one. As a person who takes internal work almost as seriously as I do breathing, I started taking a deep deep look a few years back at the things I say, and at how quickly I jump in to talk. This song was written at a turning point in this journey, a point where I made an effort to separate significantly from these external pressures. A journey I’m still on, and probably will always be.”

EREZ’s unique upbringing—NYC born, Israeli-raised, and now L.A. based— afforded her the opportunity to embrace a worldly sound. Her passion for music extended into the nightlife scene where she found herself dancing late into the night on a weekly basis – something that influenced her desire to self-produce and engineer and has greatly influenced the music she now makes.

“Producing my own music from scratch has given me complete sonic freedom to execute my vision to the max of my ability in the moment I’m creating,” she explains. “The musical landscapes I carve out are unique and feel like me. They are the sounds and melodies that share my true inner voice.”

What do you think of EREZ’s “Where’s My Voice”? This is out February 17th! Can we set up a feature or interview around the release? And let me know if you can make it out to a show!


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