Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review
Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review9
Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review9
Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review9
Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review9
Eremit // Desert of Ghouls // Album Review9
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2015 saw the formation of German band Eremit and the band signed for Transcending Obscurity Records in 2018. Their debut album Carrier of Weight was unleashed in February 2019 and the follow up has not taken long to see its release.

Those who are familiar with the band will be aware of the fact that whilst there may not be many tracks on each release, the albums are full length, and Eremit like to make each track a true experience. The debut release had 3 tracks that covered roughly 68 minutes and Desert of Ghouls follows this form, with two tracks that span 21minutes.

Opening with ‘Beheading the Innumerous’, the atmospheric sludge begins immediately with the down-tuned rumble being met by crisp drums that build up until the slow and purposeful pace is unveiled and the trudge begins. As you will no doubt gather, there is no rush with Eremit and this repeated doom riff continues and becomes hypnotic before a vocal is heard just shy of the 3-minute mark. This vocal is very Black Metal to add some extra darkness to this already crushing combination. Although the track may last around the 9-minute mark, you are in a sludge drenched trance throughout that feels quite lonely but also rather cathartic.

The second track ‘City of Râsh-il-nûm’ follows a similar sloomy route, with the extended build-up that leads through different parts of the brain before the lead guitar starts to attach to the nervous system before it then begins to turn everything dark again. The combination of a shrouded atmosphere and Sludge creates an emotion that many will know were possible. This is top draw stuff.

Desert of Ghouls may intimidate some with its length per track, however, press play and be prepared to be taken over in one of the most rewarding ways possible. The riffs will take you places in your mind that you were unaware existed and please don’t fight it as you will be rewarded by some of the best doom/sludge that you will experience.

Ed Ford

Desert of Ghouls is released on July 17th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track List

1. Beheading the Innumerous
2. City of Râsh-il-nûm



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