ERASE THEORY announces new EP ‘The Good Kind’ will be out 23rd November

ERASE THEORY announces new EP 

‘The Good Kind’ will be out 23rd November

New single ‘Taking a Beat’ out today:

ERASE THEORY, the solo project from Jeff Sahyoun – guitarist of post-hardcore groundbreakers letlive. – has announced his second EP ‘The Good Kind’ will be out 23rd November via Icons Creating Evil Art.

To celebrate, ERASE THEORY has shared the explosive first new single, ‘Taking a Beat.’ Written and produced by Sahyoun himself with additional production from Jonathan Dolese, the track meditates on a time where he was going through a lot of self reflection and thinking back on his career as an artist. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of artistic fulfillment is a journey worth embarking on, even in the face of adversity.

Speaking on the track, Sahyoun shares, “‘Taking a Beat’ is a personal testament, resonating with listeners who understand the price of sacrificing artistic passion for financial stability. This poignant single invites listeners on a cathartic journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment.”

The accompanying video, directed by Mason Wright of Blvckbox Studios, illustrates the artistic struggle Sahyoun and musicians far and wide know all too well. He’s caught between the vibrant colours of playing music and the black and white corporate 9 to 5 –– torn between security and a sense of purpose. But Sahyoun proves it’s worth pushing on in the name of creative expression.

Six years in the making, 2023 saw ERASE THEORY hit the ground running hard. The project burst onto the international stage with their self-titled debut EP – a brisk combination of spiky electronics, ethereal atmospheres and thrashing emotion. The EP’s tracks received airplay from BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio, Idobi Radio and sweeping support from Pandora alongside glowing reviews from the likes of Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Pop Culture, Guitar World, Metal Hammer and more.

Since then, there have been drum and bass remixes, a collaboration with The Color Fred and further refining of what the band represents for Sahyoun now. He has carved out something extraordinary, pulling from seething punk rock as much as introspective EDM, referencing The Weeknd as much as AFI and not letting silly things like boundaries stand in the way of innovation. This is a project that feels as familiar as it does fresh. It’s a vessel filled to the brim with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and ambition. A place that he can call home and mold into absolutely anything he wishes.

Sahyoun has recaptured that youthful energy that every artist craves. That rush of adrenaline you feel when you write your first song in your bedroom at 15. Every morsel of music appearing under the ERASE THEORY banner feels exactly like that. And that will never ever change.


“An eclectic mix of danceable electro beats and melodic choruses, designed to purge emotion” – Metal Hammer 

“A bubbling, thoughtful piece of caustic alt-rock brilliance, brimming with innovation and intensity.” – Rock Sound

“The ‘Erase Theory’ EP is a well-crafted, coherent and exciting debut.” – Punktastic 

“ERASE THEORY is rewriting the rulebook, and it sounds brilliant.” – Distorted Sound


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