(Kalamazoo, MI – September 27th, 2019) Michigan metalcore breakouts Last Sleep are streaming their new EP. ‘Hate All // Feel None’ is out now on Spotify & Apple Music.

Featuring singles “At The Hands of Belief” and “Wither”, the new EP comes as the follow up to 2018’s promising debut ‘Consume’

Last Sleep spoke exclusively to Metal Insider, to discuss the new record.

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Formed in 2017, Last Sleep are the latest in the talented rust-belt conveyor of heavy talent to emerge onto the scene. Technically proficient, imposing and measured metal is on display once more, with the band’s latest EP, sophomore effort ‘Hate All // Feel None’

Picking up from where debut EP ‘Consume’ left off, Last Sleep stride out of the blocks thunderously heavy, with melodic injections used smartly but sparingly, juxtaposing with the band’s ferocious and Djent tinged delivery.

Elements of both modern metalcore influence as well as more traditional techniques are deployed on the band’s latest EP, with lead single “Wither” showing the young quintet at their roaring best.

‘Hate All // Feel None’ is out now on Spotify & Apple Music.

Last Sleep logo

Last Sleep is:

Ethan J. Laymon – Vocals
Jared Hollister – Vocals
Logan Stephenson – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Bert Saldana – Bass Guitar
Derek McIntyre – Drums

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