Four weeks after the removal or restrictions here in Northern Ireland I stand back in the Limelight Belfast, the scene of the last band I saw pre Covid, pre chaos, where did the last two years go? 

What we have here is a two prong attack by Rock ‘N’ Load – Review courtesy of the Belfast show and Photos from of the Bristol show to allow our resident EODM superfan Emma an opportunity to shoot her fave band.

Tonight we see two killer bands in the Eagles Of Death Metal & Bones UK restore our faith in humanity and more importantly the local music scene. It’s is a slightly strange experience being back in here again with a sizeable crowd but of course good at the same time. 8pm arrives, the lights drop and it’s showtime! 

Bones UK are up, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rosie & Carmen earlier, two lovely ladies with one hell of a story to tell. So keep an eye on our socials for that one to drop.

You can check out the interview on our socials here:

The ladies and drummer Heavy take no shit at all and get stuck right in! These two have a really gritty, ethereal vibe about their songwriting, as a small tight unit it allows for free expression and a far less rigid approach to performance. Playing a selection of tracks from their debut album and their latest offering “Boys Will Be Girls” which recently dropped teases us with its heftier sound and gnarly backbone. A savage performance Bones UK, came, saw & conquered ! 

A toot suite break and before you know it The Pointer Sisters “We Are Family” is blaring across the P.A. abd unusually the band hit the stage before the intro has ended. Soaking up the craic with the crowd and dancing their little tushes off to the tune. Before you know it the party has started and the crowd are screaming Jesse, Jesse, Jesse as he interacts with the crowd wrapping them up around his little finger! This place is going ape-shit everytime a track ends, and I’ve been to many many’s a gig but the love coming back from the crowd for this band is unique. 

The big one that everyone wants to hear is dropped into the set around 45 minutes in – a statement in itself that they’re a band that is well beyond that signature tune that for many on the outside looking in, broke them, instead the EODM are an institution, or a religion and this crowd is here to worship! 

A costume change, an acoustic guitar in hand for an Elvis cover of “I can’t help falling in love with you” in this case skinny Elvis & Evil Keniveil rolled into one ☝️ wrapped up with the crowd singing back to Jesse #goodtimes an absolutely blistering performance cements the EODM in your mind as one of the best live shows out there #fuckinA

One of the most energetic shows I can remember in a long time, Im not sure if it was the break but there definitely was a sprinkle of EODM pixie dust in the air tonight that just made this gig that little bit special.




Photography By Emma Painter In Bristol // Pacific Curd Photography


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