Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review
Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review9
Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review9
Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review9
Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review9
Entombed A.D - Bowles of Earth - Album Review9
9Overall Score
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Created by former Entombed band members LG Petrov (vocals), Victor Brandt (bass), Nico Elgstrand (guitar) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums), whilst carrying a version of the bands name, the evolution of the group has continued. From the incredible debut of Back To The Front in 2014 and the follow up Dead Dawn in 2016 the juggernaut has continued to roll with devastating results that are heard in Bowels of Earth.

Immediately in the opening track the ‘Torment Remains’ we hear the murky production of a veteran band who are not afraid to display their blunt forced power in what some would call an ‘old school’ Death Metal track that pushes thrash levels of speed before crashing down to a trudge as the sludge slows everything up. Then out of nowhere a stunning solo slices through the resistance.

This combination of huge slabs of delightful Death Metal, with incredibly meaty riffs, chunky hooks, outrageous solos and a gravelly vocal creates the prefect blend for both current fans and also is guaranteed to land many new ones.

The intro to ‘Bowels of Earth’ immediately gets grabs you by the throat with low down chugs that lead to some down tuned sludge moments that are equally as dank as they are glorious. Just as you get used to stomping through the heavy undergrowth the switch is flipped and the pace gets up melts your face before returning back to the dark underbelly.

The 10 tracks are a non-stop reminder of the glorious days that allowed so many bands the opportunity they now have, whilst also shining a light into the future of how Death Metal can sound and maybe have displayed the blueprint for future Metallers, especially those that like the heavy and brutal sounds.

This is a 37 minute masterpiece of music that will grab you by the hair and rip your eyes out whilst blasting your ear drums with utter disdain and complete lack of consideration, but it is utterly brilliant. The combination of styles along with the fact that this veteran band are clearly creating the music they want and having fun whilst they are at it, has allowed the freedom to express what they wish and what they have produced is something that they should be extremely proud of. Bowles of Earthis extremely highly rated to any Metal Head and will be heavy spun in my ears!

Ed Ford

Bowels of Earth will be released August 30th via Century Media.

Track List

  1. Torment Remains
  2. Eliminate Them
  3. Hell Is My Home
  4. Bowels Of Earth
  5. Bourbon Nightmare
  6. Fit For A King
  7. Worlds Apart
  8. Through The Eyes Of Gods
  9. I’ll Never Get Out This World Alive
  10. To Eternal Night





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