Entertainment Industry Non-Profit Org, Road Recovery Releases “Never Bet The Devil” Ft. Tom Morello








New York, NY (December 14, 2023) – Road Recovery is dedicated to helping young people develop coping skills and teaching them comprehensive life skills while they battle adversities and face their struggles. Today, the entertainment non-profit released the single, “Never Bet the Devil” featuring Tom Morello on all major digital music services – listen/share + watch/share. The track was written and recorded by participants from Road Recovery’s house band, Type II, as part of The Golden Promise Project series.


“Never Bet the Devil” follows “Wouldn’t You Know” ft. Mick Fleetwood, and “Crimson Chaos” ft. Slash as part of The Golden Promise Project series that was launched in 2022 – inspired by The Golden Promise passage – written and read by Mary Guibert, Jeff Buckley’s mother, at his memorial. More music releases to come from legendary artists as part of the series.


The song was written by Sean A. (name withheld for protection) and performed by Type II. “I was 23 years old and inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s stories and one of his titles ‘Never Bet the Devil Your Head’ really struck me,” He said. “The song idea and lyrics came together within an hour. By the time I brought the song to Road Recovery, it had been a while since I had written it. It was an awesome feeling to hear the song filled out by Road Recovery’s youth and creative mentors who helped develop it by adding drums, bass and the whole 9 yards. I’m proud to have contributed something to Road Recovery as they have been an invaluable resource to myself and to my family… so I hope the song does well, especially having Tom Morello guest appear on it, sure it can’t hurt!!!”


In discussing the collaboration, Tom Morello said, “I retreated to my studio, put the headphones on and took a couple of passes. Those are single takes on the solos in the middle and the end there … just feeling inspired by the tune and inspired by the process and by the great rocking kids of Road Recovery.


The song actually was just really great, just a freestanding great song without me having anything to do with it, so very proud of everybody who was involved in it. To the youth who are involved in the program, you are a true inspiration and you know the next generation of rockers so keep it up. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with Road Recovery for many years now”  he concludes.


L-R Road Recovery co-founder, Jack Bookbinder with Road Recovery youth + Tom Morello


Music industry A&R veteran, Michael Alago (Metallica, Tracy Chapman, Rob Zombie, Cyndi Lauper, Nina Simone) oversaw the project while mentoring Road Recovery’s youth each week throughout the process of making a record at Threshold Recording Studios NYC.


“Our young people in Road Recovery began writing songs together by drawing from their life experiences. In the process, they dreamed of collaborating with some of rock music’s legendary artists. The magic of Road Recovery provided these kids the chance to realize their dreams, and I was honored to be invited into the recording and production process. It’s been a joy to make this album a reality with some amazing mentors from the music industry,” said Michael Alago.


In 1998 Jeff Buckley’s mother and close friend of Road Recovery, Mary Guibert pledged that she would help launch and develop the organization with its founders Gene Bowen (Buckley’s tour manager) and Jack Bookbinder (formerly part of Buckley’s artist management team) inspired by The Golden Passage she wrote.


Guibert said, “I don’t know if anyone who’s read The Golden Promise actually took my challenge to heart, but I do know about two gentlemen (Gene Bowen and Jack Bookbinder) who did. And what they have created out of that promise has saved hundreds of lives and has become the model for nationwide programs that could save thousands more in the future. That idea became the non-profit they decided to call Road Recovery. Talk about faith the size of a mustard seed having the power to move a mountain – Jack and Gene, with the support from so many artists and industry colleagues, have moved a few – and they keep on moving them. Promises fulfilled.”



Established in 1998, Road Recovery is an entertainment industry-driven non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by empowering at-risk youth from all backgrounds to face their struggles while teaching them comprehensive life skills.

Guided by music and entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar life struggles, and with support from the mental health field, Road Recovery’s action-driven programs provide mentorship, performance workshops, and “all-access” opportunities for a community of motivated peers to create and produce live concert events and studio recording projects.  Road Recovery strives to empower young people to identify, express and amplify their voices in hopes of affecting positive change in themselves and their community. Our goal is to help young people develop healthy coping skills, communication skills, and life skills.


Tom Morello is living proof of the transformative power of rock’n’roll. Known for his innovative guitar solos and thunderous chords, Morello is a groundbreaking artist whether in his solo career or as an original member of the rock bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, two acts responsible for multiple Grammy Awards and a combined 30 million albums sold worldwide. His trademark style — elastic slapping, atmospheric distortion, and effects that resembled turntable scratching — was a crucial component of Rage Against the Machine’s rap-metal sonic attack in the late ’90s, helping launch Morello and the band to Grammy-winning, multi-platinum success and leading to his recognition by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the “100 Greatest Guitar Players of All-Time. Outside of that influential outfit, Morello’s signature guitar could be heard in supergroups Prophets of Rage, and Street Sweeper Social Club. Additionally, Morello is a vocal political activist and solo artist who first performed as the Nightwatchman before using his given name for projects like 2021’s companion albums The Atlas Underground Fire and The Atlas Underground Flood.

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