• Electronic-Pop/Experimental producer, Stefan T., stage name for Stefan Tisminezky, announces his new single, “All Night,” from his upcoming album, Night Shift, due out April 24, 2020. An accomplished guitarist and student of classical guitar performance, Tisminezky graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Electronic Music Production and Sound Design.Night Shift represents the journey of creating music and playing guitar from 10 years old on. It follows his rise to a reputable engineer and producer and features an array of soundscapes, ranging from modern to retro flavorings.    “Stefan T’s craftsmanship when it comes to production is utterly spellbinding particularly since you can hear the influence from a range of genres such as hip hop and electronica. Meshed together with gentle guitar strums and pulsating pads, this creates quite a fascinating downtempo vibe that provides the perfect canvas for B. Rose’s soulful vocals.” (Stereofox  “All Night” is a departure from the album’s previously-released alt-R&B-tinged singles, “Keep Me Guessing” and “One” (featuirng B. Rose) with their sensual lyrics and electronic, glitchy background sounds. “All Night” takes the party out of the bedroom and onto the dance floor.” (AudiofemmeLISTEN TO “ALL NIGHT”  
  • New  York-based (via LA), Alt grunge/singer-songwriter, Vanessa Silberman, dubbed the “DIY queen” and “ nothing less than a super human,”‘ by Audiofemme, announces her single,  “Who We Are”, the first in a series of monthly singles to come out in 2020. Drawing inspiration from anthemic rock, grunge, and raw punk, and exploring mixed elements of pop and hip hop production, “Who We Are,”  acknowledges how far we have come as human beings in our society and the world. Staying true to her DIY roots, “Who We Are” is produced, engineered, recorded, programmed, performed, mixed and mastered by Silberman herself. In addition to being a prolific songwriter, Silberman is also a record producer, engineer, and head of an artist development label, A Diamond Heart Production. Widely known for wearing many different hats in the music business, she has worked for heavy hitters, namely producer/songwriter Dr.Luke and many companies and studios ranging from the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 to Epitaph Records. “With jangly guitars and vocals that can be described as punky sweet, New York artist Vanessa Silberman’s “Who We Are” makes a great case for a feel good anthem. Chock full of encouraging lyrics, the truly endearing element of the single is its unabashed be-true-to-yourself vibe that Silberman delivers in spades.” (PARADE MAGAZINE) LISTEN TO “WHO WE ARE” 
  • Featured on NPR’s Alt. Latino Brazil/NYC-based electro/indie-pop duo, B.A.D.A, explore the inner workings of an artist’s journey in their new video, “Exile,” title track to their upcoming album. “Exile” (out 03/06) is a dark pop thriller, held almost entirely on a minimal synth bass line, murmured vocals and melodic sorrow. “The electronic music duo pairs its cinematic music with a stylish video.” (NPR) The self-produced, trilingual album was recorded internationally throughout 2019, first in a cabin in Woodstock NY, then at the Abbey Road Studios in London, and finally in Clayton’s bedroom in Greenpoint Brooklyn. B.A.D.A. worked with the house-hold engineer of Abbey Road, John Barret (George Ezra, James Bay),  several guest musicians, and mastering engineers, Luke Moellman (Great Good Fine OK) and Chris Gehringer (Janelle Monae, Harry Styles) along the way to create an auditory and visual experience through their music. “EXPERIMENTAL POP ELECTRONICA, , FLOYDIAN FLAVOURS, HINTS OF 60`S CALIFORNIAN PSYCHEDELIA, 70`S LATIN DISCO AND RAGED GOSPEL HARMONICS, DRESSED UP IN A BRAZILIAN ACCENT.”   WATCH “EXILE”
  • Alternative Indie band, Perfect Blue, announce their new single, “Runnin’ From the Hills” from their forthcoming album. The band have only been together since 2018, but already have been prolific, releasing an EP in early 2019, receiving praise from tastemakers like Obscure Sound, Independent Music Reviews, and A1234, and now, preparing for the new album in Spring 2020.  The debut full-length is greatly enhanced by the approach the band take to recording and arranging with each member playing multiple instruments on each track.  “Alt indie band Perfect Blue’s ‘Runnin from the Hills’ is a decadent rock twist of hurt and chaos, described in the visceral reclamation for justice. A justice, never easy to attain, but always seemingly arm’s length distant, never far away, yet never close enough.” (Come Here Floyd LISTEN TO “RUNNIN’ FROM THE HILLS”
  • Orchestral indie-pop duo, The Brilliance, announce their sophomore album Suite No. 2: World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety. The Brilliance’s acoustic-electric, symphonic-pop songs invite you to step outside yourself; to see the world through the eyes of the other, the stranger, and those you may consider your enemy. The band is comprised of songwriter David Gungor and composer John Arndt, who crafted the new “suite” in collaboration with Biola University Orchestra and Chorus. Recently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Chill Hits as well as several other Spotify editorial playlists, The Brilliance gets 600k+ Spotify listeners per month — and their first album, The Dreamer Suite has already amassed millions of streams on both Spotify and Apple Music, as an independent release. The Brilliance are creating what they call “art that inspires empathy”, releasing their songs in a series of “suites” – songs and pieces united by a theme – that invite others to listen with them.”Stitched between synthetic layers, thrashing against sweeping, cinematic string work and angelic chorus melodies, a theme of personhood quickly emerges.” (American SongwriterListen to Suite No. 2: World Keeps Spinning: An Antidote to Modern Anxiety  
  • Austin-based, award-winning indie/R&B/pop guitarist Jackie Venson announces new single, “Make Me Feel,” off her forthcoming studio album Vintage Machine, due out September 4, 2020. Venson also announces her “Make Me Feel” Tour  ahead of her next studio album, Vintage Machine  (out 9/4/2020).   In naming Venson one of “15 Women-Fronted Music Acts Getting Their Due at SXSW 2019,” alongside Billie Eilish,  An accomplished guitarist and talented singer to boot, she collaborates with some of the best instrumentalists and artists in Austin, Texas, on a regular basis.”2019 was a banner year for Venson, who has amassed over 700,000 Spotify streams and nearly 2 million YouTube views. She released her album Joy and won Best Guitarist at the Austin Music Awards—making her the first African American woman to win the award in the show’s 37-year history. She had two tracks on Starbucks’ Coffeehouse Playlist, was named #10 out of 50 Young Exciting Guitarists on Guitar.com and reached #13 on the Bandsintown Austin Emerging Artists’ ChartJoy has received praise from noted publications such as Forbes, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Guitar Girl Magazine, Austin Monthly, Texas Monthly, AfroPunk, Grammy.com, EARMILK, NPR Music, She Shreds Magazine,  and Vintage Guitar Magazine. “The effort’s first single, “Make Me Feel”, goes a long way to showing Venson’s range, both musically and vocally. There’s a sexy, wailing guitar laced through it all, sure, but the track is also heavily electronic. At times, it’s hard to make out if the neon squeals are coming from her six-string or her Novation Mininova. Spacey synths dance around her lyrics as she sings, “I don’t care what they say/ They will go theirs and I will go my way” in a breathy high-tone fans may not have heard before. Simultaneously raw and futuristic, it’s a prime example of her incredible craft and daring.” (Consequence of SoundLISTEN TO “MAKE ME FEEL”
  • Austin-based, indie rock/electric soul artist and NFL player, Joe Barksdale announces  “BLACK MAJIK”, from his upcoming release, Sincerely, due out Fall  2020. A former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers,  Barksdale has been featured in articles for sites, such as ESPN,  The Los Angeles Times, Fender,  San Diego Tribune, and CBS Sports, among others. Barksdale describes “Black Majik:” “The song is about temptation. It’s about fighting temptations, and the struggle of realizing that something is not good for you, but also acknowledging that it feels/tastes/sounds/etc so good to you. It’s a struggle that people are familiar with and something that people go through on a daily basis.” “Black Majik” provides a heavy dose of gritty blues with a traditional call-and-response interplay between the straightforward lyrics and the infectious, wah-heavy guitar riff. The song is a steering-wheel-palm-slapper for anyone driving around at night trying to resist the tornado of temptation that’s sometimes just a phone call away.”
    (American SongwriterLISTEN TO “BLACK MAJIK”
  • Singer, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist/Berklee graduate, Harris Breyfogle,  announces his new full-length album Complexus. “Breyfogle is sure to drastically expand his horizons with this new release which acts as a perfect introduction to his mellow, soulful style of music. Whaling away on his Fender guitar, Breyfogle expresses his deepest feelings and emotions, through his voice, soothing guitar and his pressing fear of the potential loss he may be experiencing.” (Sax and Violins)     Already featured on blogs including, Broken 8 Records, The Hype Magazine, Imperfect Fifth, and others, Breyfogle will be expanding his fan base with Complexus.“Some of the best music is created when artists and songwriters live the stories they write on paper. For Virginia native Harris Breyfogle, he is giving fans an inside look at a past relationship in newest album ‘Complexus.’” (American Songwriter) “A simply stunning artist, Harris Breyfogle has shared the first glimpse of his upcoming new album with the release of ‘Angela’, a landmark release filled with poignant lyrics and a wonderfully emotive flow.” (Broken 8 RecordsLISTEN TO COMPLEXUS 
  • Indie garage punk duo since 2018, Oriah consists of vocalist/guitarist Viktoriya Kosta formerly and currently, a wild child with a laser beam stare sent to earth to rip, and guitarist/vocalist Tim Webb,  previously a middle America grease-stained street urchin and currently much less conjure a heated and saucy torrent of commanding vocals and powerful vintage Stratocaster tones with a disposition to loudly command the whole of the visual spectrum and airwaves. Thought to be European and presumed to border lunacy the duo continues to rock at unreasonable volumes with underappreciated frequency across the whole of the greater L.A. landscape while they release old singles and work on an upcoming EP. The band just premiered their single “You Done It Now”  on Pure Grain Audio, “accomplishing the unlikely task of blending appealing vocal harmonies over an electric beat, with uptempo guitar riffs and gritty vocals that harken back to the days of vintage garage rock.” LISTEN TO “YOU DONE IT NOW”
  • ATX-based, synth/cosmic-pop pair, Moonray, launch their self-produced and recorded Honeymoon EP to be released under their own label, Satellite Records. “Filled with lush vocal harmonies, wah-wah pedal infused guitar, and whimsical synth arpeggios, the track straddles the line between psych-rock, synth-pop, and indie dance. ” (Surviving the Golden Age) The couple draw on their independence and strengths to speak to their listeners in an uplifting, relatable way. Jonray is a Houston-born fifth generation Texan and multi-instrumentalist, and Barbara is a business-savvy lover of theatre who grew up between Mexico and Austin, create freely and without limits, using their worldly melodies and lyrics to shine a restorative, hopeful light for those who need it.   LISTEN TO “COTTON CANDY DISCO PIE” 
  • Washington DC-based, soul/funk project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes announce the dynamic and sultry video “When It’s This Good,” from their new album, Second Summer“The single is an unforgettable funk record that sees singer Dennis give thanks for the simplest things in life with a passionate vocal performance over a smooth groovy backdrop.” (Broken 8 Records)    Rhymes have acquired media accolades, including appearances on EARMILK, Soulbounce, Celebmix, Great Day Washington, and Blog Talk Radio. “The classically trained artist displays the full range of her power with her gripping melody which enhances the uplifting vibe of the track as she gives thanks for all the simple things in life.” (The Word is Bond) WATCH “WHEN IT’S THIS GOOD” 

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