The name behind Dequincey is a musician & producer from Turin (Italy) called Marco Tommaseo. His music career starts back in Italy as guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for several bands but he also works for the music industry as a sound engineer and producer.
After moving to Bristol UK, Marco started playing with local psych/experimental band Agarimo, then his own Almagrey before to begin the writing process of a solo album under the moniker of Dequincey.

A first full-length album called ‘…And So The Gates Unlocked’ just saw the light on LP & Digital on Bandcamp and the main letal platforms while in the meantime, Dequincey also became a “real” band on stage.

Stream / Buy the album on Bandcamp.

…For the record…

‘And so the gates unlocked’ is a concept solo album composed at the end of 2017 and recorded in 2018 including 10 songs all linked together as a whole soundtrack, guiding the listener through different phases of a gradual spiritual revelation and mystical journey.

The music composition is often free of typical structures and rather progress through images and visions. while the lyrics reveal the story through symbols, allegories and projections of the mind. The element of nature is massively crucial in the development of the journey, revealing the essence of life and death in all its forms.

Despite the entire evolution of the album, the songs also maintain their individual identity, unfolding in melodic and straightforward tunes, including psychedelic instrumental celebrations, similar to symphonic poems that as much as the lyrics mark crucial plot twists and revelations.

“And so the gates unlocked” is a metaphor of breaking boundaries of the mind and change perception about the existence, freeing the spirit from individual disturbs and negativity. It’s a contemporary introspective tale about personal awakening, spirituality, ecstasy and pain.

For The Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3…

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