Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review
Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review 9
Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review 9
Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review 9
Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review 9
Empyre - Self Aware - Album Review 9
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UK Rock quartet Empyre dropped their debut full-length album Self Aware on July 5thand for anyone who missed the boat this is one well worth checking out. An album that musically and sonically raises the bar from the usual cookie-cutter Rock outfits out there just going through the motions Self Aware ensures you stop and take notice.

The album opens up with a banger of a track in ‘My Bad’, which takes you on a sonic rollercoaster from start to finish, whilst ‘Stone’ continues the theme with a highly engaging and gnarly track. ‘New Republic’ with its savage intro is like a statement of intent from Empyre with one of the best tracks on the album with an absolute slayer of a track, from the gritty guitar work to the addictive hook in the chorus Empyre are onto a winner.

The fun doesn’t stop there, the album has a solid consistency across all eleven tracks showcasing the attention to detail in this their debut offering, the band comments: “We feel we have encapsulated the essence of Empyre in its present guise in eleven tracks. A subtlety to anthemic. Lyrically ‘Self-Aware’ is an album with a dark tone, however, the tracks conceal positive messages. Musically we try to hit a point between a soulful, melodic tone, whilst keeping it heavy enough to shake the foundations now and then. We’d describe it as a combination of gritty, sometimes haunting vocals with captivating guitar hooks and solos.”

They’re not wrong; Self Aware is a killer recording, which backs up all the solid press these guys have been getting as they build an army far and wide beyond the UK. These guys musically are on point delivering a beautifully composed and polished recording that goes well beyond their time together, one to watch Empyre are a band for the here and now.


“Self Aware” Track List

  1. My Bad
  2. Stone
  3. New Republic
  4. Too Close
  5. Just a Ride
  6. Drive
  7. Only Way Out
  8. Cut to the Core
  9. Too Little Too Late
  10. Something Remains
  11. Homegrown



Empyre is: Henrik Steenholdt – vocals & rhythm guitar, Did Coles – lead guitar, Grant Hockley – bass – Elliot Bale – drums



Website: www.empyre.co.uk / Facebook: www.facebook.com/EMPYRE /

YouTube: www.youtube.com/empyrerock / Instagram: www.instagram.com/empyrerock

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