Emo-Pop Trio southstate Get Kooky & Spooky in “Myb Nxt Yr”

Just in time for the spooky season, Texas emo-pop trio southstate arrive with their new single and music video “Myb Nxt Yr,” premiering on Punknews.org. The melodic punk track pairs well with a bomber jacket, black skinny jeans, and pumpkin spice anything.

When it came time to pick a spot to film the music video, southstate had their eyes set on a location that has meant a lot to their upbringing. “We wanted to have a bit of quirky, non-serious narrative in an urban decayed sort of area,” says bassist Sam Ma. “We chose to use the Town & Country Drive-In theater in Abeline because drive-in theater culture is really prevalent in Texas. It’s really rooted in how we consume media in the South, and they’re really good stand-ins for a lot of metaphoric coming of age experiences in novels and other media. We were lucky enough to get permission to shoot at this location, and the rest kind of came together naturally.

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In the video, the band pulls up to play a show at a run-down, ancient drive-in theater ran by an ominous skeleton. As they’re unloading equipment, Sam trips over his over-priced shoes, dies and becomes a ghost (in a bed sheet of course). After a lighthearted murder of the remaining band members, they all accept their fate in the bed sheet afterlife.

“Myb Nxt Yr” will be on southstate’s upcoming debut EP (release date TBA). Listen to the single now on Spotify.

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