Embodiment // ‘Palingenesis’ // Album Review

Born in the very un-Death Metal like Bath Spa University, The Bristol-based Death Metallers known as Embodiment released their debut EP in 2013 and the first full-length album in 2015, having already played a few gigs and building up a number of followers before opening for the US giants Unearth. This then led to the band entering the Bloodstock Open Air festival competition Metal to the Masses, which the band ultimately won and played the Metal festival. This was just the start as the band went on to play Mammoth Fest and UK Tech Fest and also support huge acts such as Bury Tomorrow, Cattle Decapitation and The Black Dahlia Murder to name a few and now they are here with the follow up to that self-titled album with ‘Palingenesis’.

The album opens with a nice and calm guitar before erupting into Death Metal wonder as the choppy guitars kick in and the drums begin their test on your eardrums as this blend of Tech Death and Melodic Death begins to display just how good this album is. The drums are powerful and punchy, the guitar is chunky yet clinical and the vocal is deep and throaty mixed with a more high-pitched Black Metal sound and then Embodiment decides to throw in some more blast beat paced drums and a breakdown. This album has me hooked immediately.

This continues as the album progresses, the guitar solos get quicker, the bass gets deeply hammered as the drums get more intense and the vocal continues to add some fantastically brutal levels in this recipe for exciting Death Metal.

To mix things up a little there are a few interludes including ‘Rise Of The Oppressor’ and ‘Premonition’ with my advice would be to take a breather when you get the chance as this album is full of bangers that will make you want to smash anything in sight. 

The 11 tracks span 33 minutes of some of the finest Death Metal and will have you stomping and swinging as the album continues and you experience the crushing of the blasting drums along with the brutal breakdowns, balanced perfectly with melodic sections and technical inputs to create their own sound and this sound is fantastic. 

‘Palingenesis’ has everything that you could wish for in an album and whilst Embodiment says in their promo material that they hope the rest of the country have braced themselves for this release, I feel that they have undersold themselves here. This is an album that the world should be prepared for. It is as good any anything else that I have heard and I hope that Embodiment gets the international recognition that their hard work deserves.

Ed Ford

‘Palingenesis’ is self-released April 24th 2020.


Track List

  1. Reverence Through Disgust
  2. Outbreak
  3. Rise Of The Oppressor
  4. Tyrant
  5. Eternal Torment
  6. Masquerades (The Delusion)
  7. Satisfaction In Extermination
  8. Premonition
  9. Sanctuary
  10. Cenogenesis
  11. Harvesting The Seeds Of Vengeance







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