Elusive Canadian Noisegrind/Powerviolence Suicide Commando Issue Posthumous Sole Release for the First Time Ever on Vinyl.

Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to bring you a first ever vinyl pressing of the only, monumentally annihilating release to have ever surfaced from short-lived and highly elusive Edmonton AB-based Canadian powerviolence/noisegrind suicide commando 黒い樹海 (“Kuroi Jukai”, Japanese for “black sea of trees”), remastered, repackaged, and redesigned to finally assume its originally intended and final form. 

With songs averaging thirty seconds in length and a sound pushed over the edge by a ruinous syncretism with fringe strains of harsh noise and power electronics, the harrowing mini LP is a conduit for armageddon that elevates the notion of audial terrorism to an extreme rarely before seen, all while the listener is obliterated with a violence and urgency that appears both senseless and baffling. Just as we’ve seen in other highly evolved experimental and extremized hardcore/grind bands like Knelt Rote, Column of Heaven, Endless Blockade, Hatred Surge, and “I&II” era Friendship, 黒い樹海have wielded the extreme-end spectrum of experimental noise and industrial electronics like a blunt weapon of audial terrorism to take their incinerating experimental hardcore/grind delirium where conventional metal/punk could not fathom to go. With boundaries annihilated and experimentation tyrannically enforced beyond the point of no return, in the staggering eight-minute aural declaration of total war, 黒い樹海 initiate a chain reaction of irreversible destruction that never relents, terminating their incomprehensible and lightning-fast sonic suicide mission into a mortal full-on collision with the listener that leaves no escape. 

Sentient Ruin has remastered and repackaged the release for an official February 21 2020 release on both digital and limited edition colored vinyl format, both of which are now pre-ordeable at the links provided for our shop and our Bandcamp along with a full stream of the release.

This definitive and final version of the release finally features the originally intended and proper track list/separation for the digital version, brand new mastering, enhanced artwork, and will come as a limited edition vinyl 7″ of only 200 units made all pressed to crystal clear vinyl, housed in a black uncoated cardstock cover + insert both silkscreened with metallic silver ink, download card, PVC bag, hype sticker, available via Sentient Ruin worldwide exclusively.

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