Elephantus releases visceral EP of Stoner & Doom Metal that mixes different elements, invigorating the alternative scene

Elephantus releases visceral EP of Stoner & Doom Metal that mixes different elements, invigorating
the alternative scene
New material has just been released via Electric Funeral Records
Elephantus is a Duo of Stoner / Doom, formed in late 2019 in Brazil by Marcelo Maus (Guitar / Vocal) and Andrei Mamede (Drums), which mixes different elements (and, at first, somewhat unusual) in the sound of his debut EP.
“Elephantus” was recorded live and in a single night at Studio Mansão Wayne and brings a variety of elements (some more typical, others more unusual to the genre) that fill its four tracks in a solid and attractive way. The new material is available for an audition on all streaming platforms via Electric Funeral Records.
In certain moments, his sonority refers to a less psychedelic and travelling version, however, heavier, of Samsara Blues Experiment, going against rhythms of the Brazilian Northeast, thus demonstrating all his influences from Sepultura to Zé Ramalho. Tracks like the single “No Rastro da Serpente” show this connection between oriental sound and Brazilian music (referring to the national rhythms called “Baião” and “Repente” in the chorus and the theme). The use of the “Ravish Sitar” pedal by guitarist and vocalist Marcelo Maus, in addition to his connection with the eastern and northeastern cultures, creates this link in the band’s sound.
Composed of two more atmospheric instrumental tracks and two with vocals, Elephantus’ debut EP of the same name promises to reinvigorate the international stoner scene with its distinct and characteristic elements, while the single “No Rastro da Serpente” has already been praised in international specialized media.
Check out the EP “Elephantus”: https://spoti.fi/2Nf7nma
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