Irish Hard Rockers ELEMENT X ( are causing a stir with their stunning new EP, All Or Nothing, which is out now via all streaming sites. The Dubliners have also just revealed a new video for the track, Heart Of Fire – . We asked the band for five killer cuts that have massively shaped their sound and here’s what they came up with:

Element X are: Dave Cullen – Lead Vocals; Franco Buonocore – Lead Guitar; Ian Kenna – Rhythm Guitar; Hugo Hernandes – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals; Rodrigo Alonso – Drums/ Backing Vocals.

(Rodrigo) American Jesus by Bad Religion

This song has a certain style of backing vocals that we like a lot. For example, at the end of the second chorus we hear the backing vocals singing a melody, no words, just a melody, adding a lot to the song almost like another instrument. Then towards the end of the song the backing vocals alternate between locking up with the main vocal and giving a counterpoint to the main vocals, sounds fantastic and definitely had an impact on us!

(Dave) Breaking The Law by Judas Priest

Apart from Rob Halford’s vocals being an influence in general, this song in particular is a good example of the vocal melodies we aim to create. Catchy, full of hooks, but still heavy and full of attitude. It’s the type of vocal melody that could get stuck in your head even after one listen. Plus we have covered this song a few times on stage so it’s definitely a favourite of ours.

(Hugo) Hallowed Be Thy Name by Iron Maiden

The bass playing in this song, the use of bass chords, a lot of movement on the bass, a lot of changes, the bass really gives a rock solid foundation for this song, but still has its own voice and is not just lost in the background, which is something we really aim for ourselves.

(Ian) Blackened by Metallica

From a song writing point of view, the structure of this song has definitely had a big impact on us. The song having a unique main riff that comes in and out as the song progresses, the middle section being almost like a seperate song of its own before returning to the original sections for the climax of the song. While we may not get as extreme as Metallica did on that album, its a style of structure we use.

(Franco) Superstitious by Europe

The guitar solo in this song is the reason we chose it. It has everything that Franco tries to bring to his own playing, the melody, the fast parts, it feels like an extra little seperate composition of its own, but one that fits the song perfectly. In general, Kee Marcello is a big influence on Franco’s guitar solos in Element X, but we chose this song to single out.

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