Electronic Rock musician My Position releases his new single ‘Deluded’, on 20th August 2021.



joemustang93 Album-6B

Artist: My Position

Track: Deluded

Format(s): Rock, Electronic Rock

 Date: 20th Aug 2021

ISRC: QZK6K2115153

For Fans Of: Bring Me The Horizon, Celldweller, Dayshell

Electronic Rock musician My Position releases his new single ‘Deluded’, out on all streaming platforms on 20th August 2021.

Based out of South Florida, My Position aka Joe Marks has grown up with musicianship around him his entire life. His parents, grandparents and four brothers are all musicians. His long-time desire to work on electronic rock music along with the guidance of his friend, Shayley Bourget of Dayshell, led to the creation of his latest venture, My Position.

Highly influenced by the sounds of two of his favourite artists, Dayshell and Celldweller, the musical direction of his first project is akin to nu-metal with a modern low-toned twist, flavoured with electronic elements. The lyrics draw from the human condition allowing listeners to relate to topics or thoughts they may be going through themselves.

“I hope that this can be a track that people can relate to when they’re dealing with a person who won’t look at their own actions that led them to the place where they’re having a disagreement, hardship, or altercation. This can happen in any form of relationship. It’s a good venting song.”

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