Fiery Brit electro punks NIGHTLIVES ( )climb again with the launch of  their blistering new  single and epic video, Ways Of Making You Talk – , out now. With this in mind, we asked the South Wales tunesters for their five top tracks:

Periphery ‘Marigold’ –

Ryan “As a guitarist who loves technically invigorating music, Periphery have greatly influenced my style of playing and writing. Their ability to write so melodically while not compromising any of the aggression of their heavy sound is something I aim to bring into the instrumental side of our very different genre.”

Don Broco ‘Pretty’ –

Arwel “Don Broco are a huge influence for us at the moment, their ambition to just release the music they want to release and not stick to labels is incredibly inspirational. The wackiness of their recent music videos was one of the key driving forces behind us choosing to follow a similar path. Also, absolutely KILLER bass tone.”

Pendulum ‘Propane Nightmares’ –

Arwel  “Pendulum is the sole reason why we all got interested in making electronic music to start with. Propane Nightmares really introduced to us the heavy capability that electronic music can have, and Pendulum’s appeal to the metal community was a confirmation to us that we could use electronics and synthesisers in the context of music that we love as well.”

Enter Shikari ‘Anaesthetist’-

Taf  “It’s probably no big surprise that Shikari made it onto this list. This song SLAPS. It’s a perfect example of blurring the lines between genres to the extreme, the synths are gritty and groovy, and Rou’s vocal delivery has such an audible passion and drive, and I always try to capture that in my performance.”

Nothing More ‘Let it burn’ –

Ryan “Nothing More are a band I discovered a few years back and completely fell in love with their heavy, industrial sound. Their live show has blown me away every time I’ve seen them, with theatrics and an unparalleled energy. The music is catchy but aggressive and this is something we definitely try to create in our music.”

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