Electric Six // Dangerous Dave And The Side Effects // Live Review // Limelight Belfast
Electric Six // Dangerous Dave And The Side Effects // Live Review // Limelight Belfast
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It’s been at least two years since I’ve been to a show here but it hasn’t changed, everyone but the dedicated are hanging back from the barrier while they wait. The music playing over the PA is incongruously summery on a wintery rainy night.

Dangerous Dave And The Side Effects

 The support band (Dangerous Dave and The Side Effects), come on to an enthusiastic reception normally reserved for the main act. They kind of come across like a reggae version of the Pixies if they came from Belfast. Standout tracks include ‘I’ve got fucking Tourette’s’ and (their first-ever song), ‘I met her on the Internet’. Just as the crowd were starting to warm to them with a fiery version of ‘If life gets better than this, let me know’. Overall an energetic opener and well received.

To find out more check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/dangerousdavemusic/

 Electric Six

So I’ve never seen them live but they brought me right back to 2003 Belfast nights out, an unexpectedly Metal looking horde of fans are amassing around me as the Detroit based, band resplendent in immaculately pressed suits and flamboyant glittery outfits come onstage to whoops and hollers and get right down to it.

Lots of falsetto vocals cheery frontman, Dick Valentine conjure up a less miserable Ian Curtis with an interesting habit of numbering most of the songs as the set progresses. A defiantly quirky 80’s feel with lashings of Hammond organ and old fashioned riffs from the two guitarists who despite their fine musicianship, never get up themselves and are highly entertaining. Things really get going when they break into ‘Gay Bar’, much harder life than the studio version. Lively, humorous, upbeat and after 18 years in the business, they remain passionate and clearly love what they’re doing. In my view, they have the understated attitude of a support band and the egos normally associated with bands who had their level of success weren’t in evidence. They ended the show with lots of new material, normally frowned upon I know but it worked, the closing numbers were as funky as hell. On a less positive note, Dick Valentine makes out that they’re running out of years but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Overall a great performance from all concert and didn’t put a foot wrong all night, great musicians and despite the tongue in cheek reputation, god can they play!

Check Out Electric Six Here: https://www.facebook.com/electricsixofficial/



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