Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review
Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review 9
Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review 9
Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review 9
Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review 9
Electric Mary - Mother - Album Review 9
9Overall Score
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Australian Rockers Electric Mary are back with one seriously banging album. You are immediately thrust into all things Electric Mary right from the off, delicious guitar riffs with sublime melodies and the gnarly gritty vocals of Rusty Brown leading from the front.

There isn’t a weak track on this album, groove laden and Bluesy to the core with a kick ass Rock vibe they deliver from one end to the other, the album is rich in highs and lows to keep you entertained throughout and drenched in blistering guitar work and on point song writing make this a first class album. ‘Gimme Love’ kicks off proceedings but ‘Hold Onto What You Got’ demands your attention, a banger of a track it hits you right between the eyes and you just don’t quite recover. Our first taste of Electric Mary’s subtle side comes in the form of ‘How Do You Do It’ a dirty, bluesy track that just makes you wanna sing along from the top of your voice.

‘Sorry Baby’ continues the emotive element of the album with another finely penned track, this allows Rusty’s vocals to shine through and allow you to appreciate the quality here, as does ‘Long Long Day’ The album wraps up with its lead single ‘Woman’ and drives home the Electric Mary message. It’s all about the Rock ‘N’ Roll, hard hitting in your face killer tunes that leave you wanting more.

Mother was released Feb 15th via Listenable Records.



Rusty Brown – Lead Vocals
Pete Robinson – Guitar, Vocals
Alex Raunjak – Bass
Brett Wood – Guitar, Vocals
Spyder – Drums

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