Electric Feat, the fairly new heavy-rock quartet from Athens, Greece have shared a new video for “The Caveman”. It’s an iconic animation-recalling Terry Gilliam’s work for Monty Python to a story about Rasputin assassinating the Romanov Family. The video created by DaDive Studio.
“In a parallel universe, the evil and corrupted Russian monk, Rasputin, manages to exterminate the whole Romanov family (including their precious daughter, Anastasia) and establish himself as the definitive force in his country. Little does he know that revenge is a dish best served cold…” – E.F.
If you enjoy some quality rock and roll with 70s swing and proto-doom vibes without actually tipping over the line of retroism then this is your thing! Electric Feat will take you on a heady trip full of heavy riffs, psychedelic vocals and strong basslines.
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Genre: hard-rock, psych, garage Focus-tracks:  It’s Alright, The Caveman, Bring Something from the Night
Bring Something from the Night
“I’ve gone ahead and put the self-titled on my ongoing list of the year’s best debut albums” – TheObelisk
Rock is dead, so let’s go dancing in it’s ashes. No more, no less, this is Electric Feat’s first set of songs, recorded (almost live) at the cozy Diskex studio, with Sergios Voudris’ (The Voyage Limpid Sound) invaluable assistance.
A hard rocking love child, with psychedelic, proto-metal and heavy blues flourishes by four geekish, local pub friends: Dr. Nanos, Madam Manthos, Prins Obi and The Tree. From the Alice Cooper-ian ‘It’s Alright (With You)’ to the elegiac, Cream-gone-evil ‘Bring Something from the Night’, “Electric Feat” is a winter rite that demands to be played loud. Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Electric Feat are:
Dionysis Nanos (Dr. Nanos), guitar
Themos Ragousis (Madam Manthos), bass
Georgios Dimakis (Prins Obi), vocals, percussion
Kostas Stergiou (The Tree), drums, percussion


Electric Feat
[Inner Ear Records]
Format: 180 gram Vinyl LP , Digital
Release Date: 24 February 2020
1. It’s Alright (With You)
2. Lizard Queen
3. Song of Disobedience
4. The Caveman
5. Leather Jacket
6. Subatomic Plane
7. Blackwood Secrecy
8. Son Of Evil
9. Fogdancing
10. Bring Something from the Night
Electric Feat

Inner Ear Records
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