Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review
Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review9
Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review9
Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review9
Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review9
Elder Druid // Golgotha // Album Review9
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Formed in 2015 in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, Elder Druid are a five-piece Doom/Sludge band that formed when the fans of bands such as Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Kyuss got together and decided to put their riffy stamp on things.

In August 2015 the band released two-track as that had been recorded live at the The Loft in Belfast, these tracks being ‘Otherworld’ and ‘The Ides of March’ and in late 2015 a further release in the form of a 3 track live EP, feeing the live vibe captured their energy best.

An impressive gig load followed and were finalists in Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition and then in 2017 they played alongside Slomatic and 7.5 Tonnes of Beard before a 3-day mini UK tour alongside The Riven, Ten Ton Slug, Witch Tripper and Voodoo Blood.

The debut album followed in October 2017 before being re-released digitally in January 2018 and now they Doomsters are here with the follow up in the guise of the 8 track, 47 minute offering Golgotha.

Kicking off the album with track ‘Sleeping Giant’ the pace and the tone of the album is set out perfectly and is an accurate description of the music this band create. The power and force are undeniable and the pace is sedentary, which in many ways is far more impactive than all outpace. 

The deep tuning of the two guitars allows extra depth and feeling as the coarse vocal narrates the tales of wizards and warlocks and an even deeper bass line that feel like is from the true depths is met by the purposeful drum beat that thuds through your body. Then just as you think the pace and feeling can’t get any slower or deeper, Elder Druid plunge us even further.

Doom is a genre that I feel is one of the hardest to do right, with the pace being slower it allows the listener to think a lot about what is going on and if it is done badly, that is not a good thing. Elder Druid appears to make this thinking time work to their favour however as you find yourself really being drawn into the dark and sludgy depths that only high-quality Doom bands are able to do.

Golgotha is an album that grabs your attention immediately and doesn’t let go, as riffs whirl around your head, the drums crash into your brain, the bass grips your soul and the vocals casts a hypnotic spell that tops this off perfectly.

A true success in the world of Doom music.

Ed Ford


Golgotha is released January 17th.

Track List

1. Sleeping Giant
2. Golgotha
3. Sentinel
4. Vincere Vel Mori
5. Dreadnought
6. Paegan Dawn of Anubis
7. The Archmage






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