Eilera presents new single and music video Aquarius!

Eilera released a new single and music video for Aquarius. The track is taken from the upcoming fifth studio album Waves which is set to be released on March 6th by Inverse Records.

WATCH MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/m0QeB2U8AW4

Eilera comments:
“Aquarius is a song sung from the top of a cliff of Normandie, France. It starts with the words “I know a man who loves big waves…”, referring to the male character from the previous track in the album and echoing to his thoughts. Aquarius belongs to the ancestral tradition of the nordic Folk songs. Its sound production though is modern, making this song a Folk song of the modern times.

The narrator of the story carries a soul of Aquarius. Her soul echoes with another soul : that of the male character of the song. Those two souls will never succeed in meeting fully. They are forever separated by the paths of life the two characters have followed.
The emotion in the narrator’s soul is carried by the words, the voice and the guitars. It evolves from the lightness of hope, to the sadness of realisation and finally, to resignation. The passion in her explodes in the waves that brake against the rocks.”
Listen to the single on:​
Youtube: https://youtu.be/m0QeB2U8AW4


01. Andada
02. Aquarius
03. Sea Widow
04. Soulmates
05. She Makes Waves
06. Roll With The Waves
07. Rebellious Town
08. Shades Of Blue
09. Une Vague
10. Lili
11. La Quest


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