Edward In Venice’s New Release ‘Empathy’ Is Out Now

Italian melodic hardcore act, Edward in Venice, have released their new EP, ‘Empathy’, on Lockjaw Records.
Edward In Venice are back with a fresh line up and new EP, ‘Empathy’. Their unique brand of catchy and explosive shout-along hardcore with a dash of pop punk/emo, has been winning over fans since 2011.

This new edition to their repertoire promises 6 very different tracks with lots of time changes, swelling melodies and technical riffs, allowing the listener to dig deeper with each listen. ‘High Tide’ is the first single from the release, and was chosen as a song to transition listeners from their last EP ‘Howler’ (2015).

This time the band took their time with ‘Empathy’. As there was no deadline, they were able to integrate new guitarist, Ivan Maioli, to the band, who brought his own accent into the chaotic melodies.

They also chose to work with several producers to help record and engineer the album. The band recorded all the guitars themselves, while Riccardo Pasini from Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy, recorded the drums and Brendan Paolini recorded the vocals. At the helm was Neil Kennedy from Ranch Studios, producing, mixing and mastering the record.

The result of this collaboration and mindful approach is a well designed, layered and conscious release. From the artwork through to the album sound.

Edward In Venice are well travelled, having completed several self-booked tours around mainland Europe, plus jaunts to the UK, Canada and Japan. They’ve supported incredible acts like Descendents, Flatliners, A Wilhelm Scream and Millencolin, as well as appearances at festivals like Groezrock, Punk Rock Holiday and Manchester Punk Festival.

New dates have been announced so keep an eye out for future dates near you.

Order From Lockjaw Records
“There was no rush, which permitted us to perfect every single little thing in the music, artwork and videos, with the support of Lockjaw Records.”

– Filo Greganti / Singer

Tour Dates

27 April –  Bräustüberl München, Costalunga-Verona, Italy
28 April 28th – Enduro Fest, Trieste, Italy
29 April 29th – TBA
30 April 30th – Hudebni Klub Kremelka, Strakonice, Czech
01 May 1st – SBAM Fest, Wels, Austria
04 May 4th – Marghera Street Culture Fest, Venice, Italy
12 May 12th – Donkey Sunday, Rimini, Italy

What Everyone’s Saying?

“Edward In Venice delivers supercharged sonic magnitude on Empathy. Turn it on, sit back, and enjoy the declarative causality of intense pop-punk amalgamated with melodic hardcore.”
– Rawckus Magazine

 What I admire about these guys is that they don´t play your usual straight to head tupa tupa fast punk hardcore skatepunk…. but they rather chose a different approach and they play smart melodic modern hardcore punk with many tempo changes, heartfelt singalong choruses and overall melodies that put a smile upon your face” – 8/10

–  Kraykulla



The Band are:

Filippo Greganti – Vocals
Ivan Maioli – Guitar
Jiang Lee – Guitar
Luca Bartoli – Bass
Andrea Pasquini – Drums

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