Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review
Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review 8
Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review 8
Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review 8
Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review 8
Edge Of Paradise // Universe // Album Review 8
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Every now and again, Frontiers Music will release an album which is a little more metal and that’s exactly what has happened with ​Edge Of Paradise​. The female-fronted band has been on the rose of success since forming back in 2011, however, this is their first album to be released through their new label. Having previously worked with high profile producers such as ​Michael Wagener​ (​Dokken, Accept, Skid Row​), it should be no surprise that when working with ​Mike Plotnikoff (Halestorm, Three Days Grace)​ something epic was to be born.

 Universe unfolds as a very clear symphonic metal album right from the start, from the driving riffs to the hard edge on ​Margarita Monet ​vocals. The first track “Fire” takes off on this and grips you into wanting to know more about this band and what else they are capable of. On this front, they don’t disappoint as we go from one great track to the next. “Hollow” takes on a modern spin as they use a more contemporary sound while remaining very much their one style and sound. One of the highlights of the album though is “Stars” with its electronic influence and Monet’s vocals showing a softer and more delicate touch while still holding a heavy and driving rhythm behind it. While “Perfect Disaster” takes on a much more aggressive sound while having this upbeat feel that is certain to get crowds bouncing.

There is something about this album that just draws you in and holds on with its energy and style. It’s clear to say that ​Edge Of Paradise​ knows how to create an incredible album and what works for them. They have taken all those influences of symphonic metal heavyweights but added their own modern and contemporary spin to create a sound for a new decade of music.




Universe Tracklist:

  1. Fire
  2. Electrify
  3. Universe
  4. Alone
  5. Hollow
  6. World
  7. Perfect Disaster
  8. Face Of Fear
  9. Stars
  10. Burn The Sun


    Margarita Monet – Vocals

    Dave Bates – Guitars

    David Ruiz – Guitars

    Vanya Kapetanovic – Bass

    Jimmy Lee – Drums

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