Ed Ford – Heavy Metal Legend – Day 8

Day 8


We the miles are racking up and the mileage target is in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna stop as soon as I hit the 333, I’m going to go up to and including Friday and Wel see how we end up. The money still slowly creeping up, I’m now at the £230 mark and my jealousy of those folk in London is ever increasing. The Heavy Metal Truants met up with Bruce (Dickenson) today and just the fact that they have the company must help. 

Saying that Walsall Roads Cycling Club joined the mix today, as I joined their bank holiday ride and racked up an extra 50 for the bank. 

Then as soon as I was home after some giggles and banter, I’m paving for the bar that arrives for the garden on Saturday. Life never stops. 

I still come back to why I am putting myself in this position to be physically hurting all the time but my pain is temporary. Those who require the charity’s help can be permanent, so I get a dose of reality from that. 

Sitting in the working men’s club now with a couple of pints it makes me wonder what all my worries and concerns actually achieve or matter. There is the saying, there’s always someone worse off and it’s so very true. I have my health (mostly) wife, dog, and a decent living. My work pays the bills so I am one of the lucky ones. Yes, I pack too much into the day but that’s through choice, not force. 

I have some great hobbies and support from those around how I fill my spare time, hence my posts on here!! 

So the bank holiday Monday is nearly done, a lovely break in my 7 days working week. Back in tomorrow and then Wednesday then off work, filled with cycling and jobs. 

I’m gonna leave today’s writing for now though and sit and enjoy my pint. (Albums to be reviewed have been listened to now and they’re both monsters in their own right)

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