Ed Ford – Day 10 – 333 Mile Target Smashed!!!!

Day 10

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Where is the time going?! Today I passed my target of 333 miles and only did a short spin in between late shifts. I headed past wet Mrs. F and I had our wedding reception and usually, I’d cycle passed, I decided to ride up the drive and grab some snaps. 

It’s a relief to get it done but things don’t stop there, I’m gonna keep going until Saturday as I have massively caught the bug again. I have also been getting some nutritional advice which should help with the tiredness and helping me to lose weight which would be amazing. 

I managed to get both reviews for the week yesterday and both albums are very good in very different ways. 

On the Heavy Metal Truants front, people are reaching their targets and some are utterly stunning. Everyone’s is equally impressive as people push themselves all for the charities and it feels very good. 

I am now up to £260 which is great, thank you so much to people who have donated, if you haven’t there is still plenty of time. 

Whilst I have never needed any of these charities for me, I know the work they do is immeasurable to those who use them. The people who work for the charities are superstars and anyone who can help or support the charities at all are amazing. 

So tomorrow marks the first day without a mileage target but I do have a time limit as life commitments dictate time available. I’m not sure where I’m going to head to, but I think it will be a steady and enjoyable ride before I head out with my dad on Friday. That will be a lovely end to the challenge, getting some father, son time on our bikes. I will still head out on Saturday anyway, I want to keep the momentum going so will have Sunday off!! 

I’m looking forward to having 4 days off work after today following 7 days in a row working so I think I might treat myself to a bath and a beer soon!! 

Anyhow, let my rambling cease until tomorrow, let your donations flow and then I will bore you again tomorrow! 

If you can please click the link – laters 🤘🏽 //sportsgiving.co.uk/sponsorship/entry/433611