Eclectic-Rock Track Beckons “Wicked” Behavior

Dressed up for a night out on the town, darkness is slowly rolling in as your spirit slips into the rhythm of it all. Through spooky-sultry movement tantalizing to the senses, eclectic-rock band Executive Order explores how temptation can summon wickedness differently, depending on the person; in “Wicked,” releasing October 30th, 2020, listeners will get a groove to suit their mood, no matter how things may unfold once they start dancing.

As lyricist Joseph Olson puts it, “Wicked can mean different things to different people and in different contexts. Wicked-fun, as in a night on the town leading to a raging hang-over; the wicked-goodness of eating a decadent dessert; or  the wicked inner voice saying ‘do it’ while actions remain ‘appropriate.’”

It was over a mixed drink and an episode of the CW Show, Supernatural, singer/songwriter Joseph Olson created the main riff and song lyrics for “Wicked.” During this particular episode, in which the character tries to escape purgatory, Olson wondered why people do the things they do. Brought to life alongside bandmates Jim Christian (Bass) and Rich Elg (Guitar), “Wicked” was recorded by Producer Michael Cutting (formerly of Holy Soldier) at Blue Planet Sound in Hawaii, mixed and mastered in Nashville by David Zaffiro (Little Big Town), with George Beck-Millan rocking the drum kit.

Composed of three well-seasoned musicians, Executive Order is an eclectic, genre-defying band based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Through danceable, sing-along original tunes reminiscent of classic rock, funk and blues, this trio’s influences – 60’s rock, blues, pop, Motown and the Seattle scene – are as diverse as their original songs. Following their debut single, “All Bleed Red,” released September 2020, “Wicked” is part of a stream of single releases leading up to what will be their full album. The band’s name, Executive Order, stems from a clever decision to number their songs (…135 and counting), all part of their quest to create a one-hit wonder. 

Don’t miss their upcoming single, “Wicked,” through which you’ll be transported by the groove you’re feeling. Just like a night out on the town, Olson reminds us, “You choose your hangover.” 

For fans of: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Van Halen


RELEASE DATE: “Wicked” (single) – October 30, 2020


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