Brit melodic death metallers EARTHBOUND will unveil their much-anticipated
sophomore EP, Desolate, on Friday 11th October. The explosive riff merchants
have also just revealed a new track, Of Suffering – .

UK metal crew EARTHBOUND have been causing a stir throughout the metal
fraternity for the past eighteen months. Possessing a reputation for
delivering a sound that is a face-melting concoction of modern metal
entwined with dynamic passages and alluring vocal lines, the band skillfully
tip their hats to a host of varied influences, mapping from Iron Maiden and
Trivium to Soilwork and Arch Enemy.

Originally formed as a quartet in Hitchin in the early months of 2017,
school friends: Tom Watson (vocals), Louie Penfold (guitar), Chris Stroud
(bass & keys) and Richard Shearing (drums) soon hit the live circuit and
began making serious waves throughout the Hertfordshire area. The band’s
self-produced debut EP, Endure, spiked continual interest, however, it
wasn’t until additional guitarist, John Stacy, arrived that everything
clicked into place for the newly invigorated five-piece. A stunning
appearance at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and supporting Doyle and
Countless Skies have also helped to place the band on the map.

EARTHBOUND now aspire for new heights with their brand new EP, Desolate,
which is an utter beast of a record. It’s an impressive EP that has enough
power and precision to level an apartment block. The band comment about the
release: “For our second EP ‘Desolate’ we wanted to build upon the
foundation laid by our debut EP ‘Endure.’ We all felt motivated to create a
follow up that was bigger in every sense. We recorded the EP at Avenue
Studios with Dan Kerr which provided the record with the level of production
we believed the songs deserved. Musically the record follows on from
‘Endure,’ with the songs becoming more focused and lyrics building upon our
underlying concept.”

The emerging fivesome are also poised to play a host of shows throughout the
rest of the year. Stay glued to their social sites for festival updates.  ||   || Band

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