Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review
Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review9
Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review9
Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review9
Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review9
Earth Rot // Black Tides Of Obscurity // Album Review9
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Formed in 2014 in Australia, Earth Rot has made no-nonsense Blackened Death Metal which has been expertly displayed on the 2014 debut release Follow The Black Smoke and then the 2016 EP Virtues. 2017 saw the release of the second full-length album Renascentia and then followed some serious touring around the world with bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Psycroptic, Vader and Marduk and now we have Black Tides Of Obscurity to build on the impressive standing that the band now find themselves on.

The album starts in a serene manner as ‘Dread Rebirth’ opens the album, before the sound of Old School Death begins to rattle the rib cage and the vocal of Black Metal spews over the groove-laden yet bluntly blackened sounds. It is clear from the off that Earth Rot has returned with a purpose as the double bass drum gets a serious working over. This is not simply flat out aggression though, there are melodic sections to the music which give the tracks a life of their own whilst not compromising the utter brutality.

This dark and twisted sound flows through the veins of the album, whilst also incorporating groove that gets the toe-tapping in a way that you would stub out the life of your enemies, creating a special kind of sound that is as brutal as it is fun, unless that my fucked up ways!!

Black Tides of Obscurity is a complex and intricate piece of art that will twist your mind whilst spitting blood in your face as the grim and dark sound infiltrates your very being and begins to rot you from the inside out. The music is as blunt and full force as you will hear with the crushing guitars and punishing drum work and then the vocal sounds like something that should come from a fork-tongued serpent. 

Be prepared for the obliteration of the darkest kind as this 10 track monster will not take any prisoners as the band look to build on their momentum. The question you have to ask after such a crushing album is where they can go from here. However, that is a question for the future, for now, let’s appreciate just how good this is and let’s hope that it gets the credit that it deserves.

Ed Ford

Black Tides Of Obscurity will be released March 6th 2020 via Season of Mist.

Track List

1. Dread Rebirth (5:57)
2. New Horns (4:14)
3. Towards A Godless Shrine (5:39)
4. Unparalleled Gateways To Higher Obliteration (5:16)
5. Ancestral Vengeance (4:21)
6. The Cape Of Storms (4:03)
7. Serpent’s Ocean (4:31)
8. Mind Killer (3:29)
9. Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity (5:14)
10. Out In The Cold (2:43)
Total: 45:27


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