Come and celebrate the new wave of rock’n’roll with Earache Records


Revival Black, Tomorrow Is Lost, Jack J Hutchinson

The Dust Coda, Loz Campbell

Tuesday 10 March – London, O2 Academy2 Islington

Tickets £12 (adv) – Doors 7pm 0844 477 2000

As announced just before Christmas, Earache Records release a vinyl only celebration of new rock’n’roll music with a compilation album on 13 March 2020. To further prove the point, Earache will also be presenting a special live launch show in London on 10 March at O2 Academy2 Islington featuring a line-up of Tomorrow Is Lost, Jack J Hutchinson, The Dust Coda, Loz Campbell and just confirmed, Revival Black.

In recent years, too many rock icons have left us too soon; musicians that have left an emphatic mark on our lives and the evolving story of popular music. Their music will live on, but perhaps one of the greatest legacies the likes David Bowie, Tom Petty, Malcolm Young, Chris Cornell and Lemmy Kilmister have left us with is they have inspired a new generation of young blues-influenced guitar bands in Britain and beyond today. In a media world where the word ‘classic’ has, at times, become synonymous with rock – as people look back nostalgically on the genre’s past glories – it is perhaps time to consider the term ‘modern’ rock, to look at what’s happening as we venture into a new decade at grassroots venues and grassroots media outlets around the UK.

In almost every town of the UK you will find dozens of young guitar bands writing music, playing local gigs and connecting with fans on a range of social media platforms. This is a movement, Earache Records presents a taste of what’s happening in rock n’ roll  today with the ‘New Wave of Rock N Roll’ compilation – a vinyl only release packed with new talent – released on 13 March, and available to pre order now at

From a very long shortlist of dozens of bright, rising acts, Earache has selected a selection of 15 bands for you to experience regardless of play count, stats or data, chosen on song quality alone.

The number of female-fronted acts is noteworthy. Album opener Hannah Wicklund is the only American artist included, plus in Loz Campbell, Verity White, Tomorrow is Lost’s Cass King and Elles Bailey we have on this album a celebration of modernity and diversity that perhaps suggests rock n roll has grown up and better reflects modern society. Its roots are deeper than that, these acts have a common denominator drawing from the same source material i.e., early blues guitar legends, with healthy amounts of soul and funk sprinkled into the mix.

With The Dust Coda, Dead Man’s Whiskey and Jack J Hutchinson we have representation from a rising generation of bands that have crafted their reputations as festival and touring acts. A telling feature of so much of today’s new music is that studio recordings carry that live feel. It denotes a truth and an authenticity that characterises the rising new wave of modern blues-influenced rock.

Matt Mitchell and Piston are bands that have been on long journeys. Matt’s critically acclaimed foray with Colour of Noise was followed up in 2019 with a debut solo album and Piston’s debut release was a few years in the making. In both cases, these were stories about patient evolution and underline the fact that these artists are committed to their art. The grassroots existence outside the mainstream has given so many acts a rugged determination to make their music – and their way – no matter the odds or the obstacles.

Revival Black, Ireland’s Samarkind, Skam and Gorilla Riot represent well the meeting place of new and old that underpins much of the new scene today. These bands draw on unmistakable influences from rock’s rich heritage, but their application is modern, visceral with songs that speak for today.

Kent rockers Maker bring elements of soul into the bluesy mix and complete this Earache album. As a collection, there’s something for everyone; the diversity of tone, style and influence with today’s rising rock n’ roll scene is where the real magic is.

You can check out all 15 tracks on the compilation here:

Spotify –



SIDE A (27:27)

  1. Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones – Bomb Through the Breeze (02:45)
  2. Tomorrow Is Lost – We Are the Lost (04:13)
  3. Loz Campbell – Back Biting the Bullet (02:57)
  4. Elles Bailey – Medicine Man (03:41)
  5. Verity White – Inside Your Love (03:01)
  6. Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – Black Diamonds (03:33)
  7. Jack J Hutchinson – Justified (04:01)
  8. The Dust Coda – Rock N Roll (03:16)

SIDE B (29:45)

  1. Piston – One More Day (03:05)
  2. Dead Man’s Whiskey – Last Train (03:50)
  3. Revival Black – Wide Awake (04:24)
  4. Gorilla Riot – Bad Son (05:08)
  5. Samarkind – Black Rain (04:52)
  6. SKAM – Take It or Leave It (03:12)
  7. Maker – Dead Ends & Avenues (05:14)

Pre order –

(includes limited coloured vinyl versions)

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